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Being active can bring a whole host of brilliant health and wellbeing benefits, from strengthening bones to reducing stress. It can transform the way we feel, leaving us healthier and happier – and when we combine it with Food Optimising, it can also give our weight loss a brilliant boost, and help to maintain it long term..

It’s for all of these reasons that we encourage Slimming World members to get more active through the Body Magic activity programme, which has been designed to give you:

freedom to get active at your own pace and build up slowly, step by step
freedom to find an activity you enjoy and still reap those amazing Body Magic benefits

Whether you’re completely new to activity or you’re ready to ramp up your exercise levels, we will support you on your Body Magic journey. Here’s how…

Find a workout that works for you

At Slimming World we understand that the idea of going for a run or hitting the gym could put some people off getting active at all! We also know that doing something you enjoy means you’re far more likely to do it regularly. That’s why we take an ‘everything counts’ approach. From running around with the kids to walking the dog – if it makes you breathe faster and feel warmer, and increases your heart rate, then it will help to create that health-boosting Body Magic. 

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Slimming World members will find a huge variety of activity inspiration on the website, with guides on everything from trying tennis to dancing your way fitter.
MORE ON THE BLOG: As lockdown starts to lift, we’ve been looking at different ways to get active in our Welcome back series.

Go at your own pace

It’s really important to build up activity in a way that feels comfortable and manageable to you. Everyone’s level of fitness is different – for some, a short walk is a huge achievement. We support our members to begin at the right level of activity for them, starting with five or 10 minutes of activity a day, and building up slowly towards a lifelong Body Magic habit.

Slimming World member Natalie says:

“Until recently I didn’t think exercise was for me, but adding Body Magic to my days has really helped to keep me feeling mentally and physically strong during a stressful time… ‘Step by step’ has always been my approach to slimming, so I started doing a bit of activity every day. As the weeks progressed, so did my fitness levels. These days, I jog 5km three to four times a week. Of course, my friends at group are behind me all the way!”

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Every Slimming World group member receives a Body Magic guide in their new-member pack, including FIT logs to plan and record activity (if they choose). Members can also log their activity online using the planner on the website or app.

Slimming World member walking

Make a habit of it

We know that fitting something into our week and doing it regularly is key to helping it become a lasting habit. So, just as we help our members to create new healthy eating habits, our Body Magic activity programme helps them find their own enjoyable, achievable and sustainable ways of building activity into their routine – whether that’s walking the kids to school or meeting a friend for a fun exercise class.

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Read more about how to form healthy habits in our online features, Making Body Magic a lifelong habit and How to make changes that stick

Remove your barriers

Of course, most of us already know that activity is good for us, yet we may have invisible barriers that prevent us from taking that first step. These could include feeling like we don’t have time to exercise, or worrying about working out in front of others. In Slimming World groups, we’ll help you to understand and overcome any challenges, and make getting started less of a struggle.

Steve lost 7st with Slimming World – and found a love of Body Magic along the way! He decided to try aquafit as a way to work out without putting pressure on his joints:

“I felt incredibly nervous getting into the water for the first time. But as I stood in the pool, going through the exercises with the instructor, I realised the class was filled with people of all different shapes and sizes – and they were all laughing and enjoying themselves. I realised then that no one was really interested in what I looked like.”

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Find practical tips for overcoming your activity stoppers in From lockdown to slimdown: A new Body Magic groove on the member website. Your Consultant can also offer you a FIT log, which can help you to identify your barriers to activity and problem solve with Slimming World support.
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Feel rewarded

For our members who love to have a goal to work towards, Slimming World Body Magic awards can be a great incentive. Progressing through the awards will take you from an extra 5-10 minutes of activity a day, to a long-term goal of 30 minutes a day on five days of the week – with celebration every step of the way.

MORE FOR MEMBERS: The online planner makes it easy to log your activity to achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Body Magic awards, gradually building up until it becomes a natural part of your new healthy lifestyle.

Meet the members featuring in our main image above:

Kal Flyn: “I’ve found my happy balance”
Lois Aleema: “Cycling gives me a sense of freedom”
Aaron Snares: “I kept my promise and lost 16st”

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