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Have you ever seen someone jog past your window and thought, ‘That’ll never be me’? Or watched your kids swimming and wished you felt confident enough to splash around with them? Lots of things can stop us from moving more, but it’s completely possible to tackle these obstacles and enjoy an active lifestyle. 

Slimming World’s Body Magic programme is based on the psychology of exercise. Wherever you’re starting from, we’ll help you overcome your barriers and enjoy getting moving – until physical activity becomes a natural part of life that you’ll never want to give up!

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Fitness blocker #1: “I weigh too much for anything to make a difference”

It doesn’t take long to begin feeling the benefits of moving more. Just getting started is fantastic and a brilliant first step you’ll feel good about.

What’s most important for building an active habit is how regularly you do it, so choose something that’s at a realistic level for you, to help you keep it up. Water-based exercise and stationary cycling can be great if you find other activities uncomfortable.

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Fitness blocker #2: “There’s not enough time in my day around the kids”

We’re all so busy these days, which is why an activity that fits into your daily routine will be much easier to stick to. Rather than choosing between fitness and family time, you could combine them – maybe playing outdoors together or dancing around to their favourite music videos.

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Fitness blocker #3: “I feel too self-conscious to exercise in public”

Worrying about how you look is totally understandable, especially if you’re new to fitness or don’t feel confident. There are lots of ways to move more in the privacy of your own home, though – from vigorous vacuuming and walking up and down the stairs to online workouts. You could also buddy up with a supportive friend or family member to boost your confidence.

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Fitness blocker #4: “I just can’t seem to get motivated”

It’s normal to find the first step the hardest – suddenly absolutely anything can seem more important than doing some exercise! Perhaps ask your friends or family to join you so you can encourage each other to get going. The activity tracker on the Slimming World app is a brilliant motivator, too, as you can see just how much you’re doing and chart your progress.

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Fitness blocker #5: “Exercise is soooo boring”

You’re definitely not alone here. But the great thing is there are so many different activities to try. Maybe you hate jogging or find the gym dull? Consider swimming, yoga or a dance class instead. There are lots of options for sneaking more activity into your everyday life, too, such as taking the stairs instead of the lift or getting off the bus one stop early and walking a little further. Make just a few easy tweaks to your routine and you’ll soon be exercising without even realising it!

Slimming World member Ashli Sterling, who features in our main image above, used to find exercise too difficult to enjoy. With Slimming World support, she lost 3½st and discovered a new passion…  

“I never thought I’d be the sort of person who actually enjoys exercise – even walking the dog felt like a chore. Then I discovered Body Magic and gradually built up to an active lifestyle. Now I love every second of my active new life.”

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Build active habits, at your own pace

Whether you’re already active or you’re looking for support to get started, Slimming World’s physical activity programme meets you where you are right now. As a member, you’ll also enjoy access to our full get-fit tool kit, including:

  • expert support to help you recognise, then overcome, any personal barriers
  • more than 60 fun, easy-to-follow activity videos and a series of guided walking podcasts
  • Body Magic awards to celebrate your progress
  • fitness quizzes and articles, including exercise guides and activity ideas
  • member-exclusive podcasts to listen to on-the-go
  • a handy online tracker to plan and record your activity

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