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What makes Slimming World’s Body Magic activity programme so unique? The fact that it’s for everyone!

Whatever your age, weight, level of fitness or mobility, we’ll help you build (or build up) activity into your daily routine at your own pace and in a way that works for you.

To show you how you can adapt the Body Magic programme to your lifestyle, we’re sharing the stories of five Slimming World members who each discovered their own route to glowing health, fitness and lifelong weight loss success.

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“Getting active in my allotment has given me a zest for life”

Hilary Sard weight loss transformation

The great thing about Body Magic is that the health-boosting benefits don’t have to come from intense workouts like exercise classes, gym sessions or long runs. Hilary Sard, who lost more than 12st with Slimming World, fits activity into her everyday life. She says:

“I weigh 12st 6lbs now, and I’ve got so much more energy. I used to struggle just to walk from my car to the supermarket entrance, now I easily manage 15,000 steps a day. And I’ve gone from driving the two minutes to the corner shop to choosing to walk wherever I can, in all weathers. I’ve even taken on an allotment, and I enjoy a lot of the produce I grow – like asparagus, broad beans and strawberries – in my Slimming World meals.  

I’ve stopped taking most of my medication for type 2 diabetes now, and I’ve given back my Blue Badge because I just don’t need it. I’m much more outgoing and I have a new zest for life. Losing weight has boosted my confidence and I know I have a much brighter future ahead of me.”

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“I’m the active nanna I always wanted to be”

treetop - Alison Berry

After a life-threatening illness, Alison Berry had lost hope of ever being fit enough to play with her grandchildren. Now 11st 6½lbs lighter, she’s an energetic grandmother and living life to the full. She says:

“As the numbers on the scales came down, I felt ready to start getting active. I was still too nervous to even think about exercising outside, though, as I worried passers-by would see me sweating and panting. So I decided to try dancing in my living room. Each afternoon, I’d draw the blinds, pop on a CD and bop around the house for as long as I could.

At first, I’d be out of breath after the first song but, slowly, it began to get easier, and soon I was dancing for an hour at a time. Feeling more confident, I started getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking the rest of the way home.

By the time Joseph had been joined by his little sister, Aliana, I could chase them around the garden and get down on the floor to play in their pop-up tent. I was the active nanna I’d so desperately wanted to be.”

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“Building up step by step was a game-changer”

Samantha Rose weight loss before and after

Fed up with her uncompromising approach to activity, Samantha Rose turned to Slimming World for support. Now, she’s built an enjoyable exercise routine and can’t imagine not being active. She says:

“Whenever I wanted to lose weight in the past, I’d steel myself for weeks of restrictive calorie counting and intensive sessions of weightlifting and running. Then, as soon as the event or holiday was over, I’d breathe a huge sigh of relief as I stopped getting up early to exercise.

After I joined Slimming World, I started running regularly again and I asked some of my new friends at group to join me. It really helped having that support and motivation. Getting my Body Magic awards meant the world to me and they made me realise that exercise didn’t have to be all or nothing – even doing 15 minutes a day added up, so it didn’t matter if I wasnʼt in the mood for a big run.

I created a simple weekly chart to keep fitness at the front of my mind and shared it with my fellow members, who loved it. Soon, we were all hula-hooping, walking or dancing about the house and sharing our achievements in group.”

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“I’m reaching new heights after losing 2st 13lbs”

Leigh Waddington weight loss before and after

At his biggest, Leigh Waddington felt too exhausted to be active. Then a 999 emergency prompted him to join Slimming World and transform his health. By building up gradually, he’s gone from sedentary to hiking up the Shropshire Hills! He says:

“I never did any exercise before as I was always too tired. I didn’t walk anywhere and sometimes I’d even drive the 300 yards to the local shop! Now, I’m passionate about being active and I love hillwalking in the Peak District and Shropshire. 

I feel so proud that I’ve turned my life around, and I know my kids are proud of me, too.”

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“I was held back by arthritis – now there’s no stopping me!”

Slimming World member Sheena Bell riding her bike

Sheena Bell struggled to exercise after being diagnosed with arthritis. With Slimming World’s support, though, she learned how to get active safely and, as the weight came off, she was able to get back on her bike…

“I’m definitely feeling the benefits of my weight loss and Body Magic achievements. I’ve significantly increased my average cycle speed and I’m tackling hills that I would have had to push my bike up before. I’ve rediscovered a love of yoga and Pilates, too, and I know that the balance and flexibility they’re giving me will sustain me through a fit and healthy retirement. 

I’ve also gone from being unable to do a ‘plank’ position to holding one for more than three minutes. I’m even doing headstands again for the first time in 25 years!   

Losing weight with Slimming World means I can continue to do the things that I love, whether that’s cycling up mountains or having fun with my three grandkids. I feel fitter than I have in years and I’m definitely on the up!”

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How Slimming World will help you get active 

When you join Slimming World, you’ll get all the support you need to build your activity levels at your own pace. This includes a FIT log to plan your workouts, Body Magic awards to celebrate your achievements and expert advice to help you overcome your exercise barriers – as well as lots of encouragement from your fellow members and Consultant.

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