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With lovely light sponges, scrumptious scones and other delightfully sweet morsels, an afternoon tea is very tempting indeed. And with Slimming World, you really don’t have to resist. Our flexible Food Optimising eating plan is beautifully balanced to ensure that you can enjoy delicious teatime treats, completely guilt-free. 

There are more than 2,000 recipes on the Slimming World member app and website, including plenty of beautiful bakes, cakes, puddings and desserts. These tried-and-tested recipes will hit that sweet spot while still fitting perfectly into the Food Optimising plan and helping you get the weight loss you want. 

Slimming World afternoon tea recipes

Sample a slice of the Slimming World recipe collection and take ‘cake and a cuppa’ to the next extra-special level… 

Blueberry muffin cheesecake


These tempting-looking squares have a crunchy cinnamon crumb rather than a biscuit base, for a sweet, crumbly base, without the Syns.

Slimming World quiche

Slimming World crustless quiche-Free Food recipe-Slimming World blog

Our crustless quiche recipe is a Food Optimising favourite.

Strawberry cupcakes


These cute strawberry cupcakes are perfect for picnics, parties or enjoying with a cuppa.


Slimming World flapjacks

We’ve skipped the butter, sugar and golden syrup to make a sweet, sticky flapjack that’s Food Optimising-friendly!

St Clement’s cupcakes

With a lovely light orange and lemon sponge and a luscious lemon curd icing, these cakes are simply the zest!

Slimming World Victoria sponge

Slimming World strawberry sponge cake

 This simple 3-step recipe for a classic strawberries and cream sponge that pairs perfectly with a cuppa.

Scones – 3 ways  

Slimming World scones

Whether you prefer plain, cheesy or something a bit different these traditional treats will be scone in a flash!  

Fancy an extra slice? 

A selection of Slimming World cakes

Have you been bitten by the baking bug? When you join Slimming World, you’ll get access to more than 2,000 recipes on our app and website, including a generous sprinkling of Slimming World cakes, with sponges, loaf cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, biscuits, puddings, tarts, pies and more.   

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