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At Slimming World, we know that there’s no ‘one size fits allʼ approach to weight loss. We all have different likes, lifestyles and other requirements that feed into the way that we shop, cook and eat, and for a weight plan to be effective, it needs to factor all of this in – with ease. 

Food Optimising is a fully flexible way of eating which can be personalised to suit you – and your family. Whether you want simple and speedy meal ideas, dishes to suit particular dietary needs or low-cost recipes that everyone will love, we tick every box.  

When you join a Slimming World group or our digital-only service, Slimming World Online, you’ll unlock access to more than 1,700 tried-and-tested recipes, covering everything from quick lunches and tasty teatime favourites to delicious fakeaways and indulgent dinner party dishes. Combine this with lots of meal inspiration from your community of fellow members and you’ll never be stuck for what to cook! 

When you find a plan that’s personal to you, it can truly transform your experience of slimming by making it easy to stick to and, most importantly, enjoyable. With Slimming World, you’ll discover a way to lose weight that’s surprisingly simple and which works for you

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Find your Food Optimising fit 


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With rising energy, fuel and supermarket bills, everyone’s budgets are feeling the strain. The good news is losing weight doesn’t have to mean a lighter wallet. Our plan is packed with low-cost staples like pasta, potatoes, rice and veg – and they’re all Free Foods, so you can enjoy as much as you like. 

Fast fact: Slimming World members don’t spend any more on food than people who aren’t trying to lose weight. In fact, swapping takeaways for fakeaways, buying fewer expensive treats like chocolate, snacks and alcohol, and picking up money-saving tips from group each week means that our members often report saving £££s as well as losing lbs! 

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Fantastic for families 

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Life’s too busy to faff around making separate meals for everyone! We combine slimming-friendly with family-friendly, so you can cook up gorgeous recipes that everyone can enjoy. You’ll also get lots of support, strategies and smart-swap suggestions to help you form new healthy habits that fit seamlessly into your family life (no matter how busy it gets!). 

Fast fact: An incredible 77% of parents say that within just three months of joining Slimming World, their children were eating more healthily, too – and (as a brilliant extra bonus) 41% of our members who embrace exercise then encourage their loved ones to be more active, as well!   

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Quick and easy 


With Slimming World, we’ve have hundreds of recipes that take less than 30 minutes to make, including lots of simple three-step dishes. Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or you need fuss-free ideas for busy days, we’ve got your menu sorted. 

Fast fact: In a recent study, slimmers following Food Optimising lost almost twice the weight of those calorie counting – and they found it easier to stick to and more enjoyable, too. 

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Dietary requirements 

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Food Optimising is flexible enough to fit around any taste or preference, making it ideal for vegetarians, vegans and members with cultural considerations. We have hundreds of recipes to suit dairy-free and gluten-free diets, and our members can tailor their recipe search to exclude certain ingredients (eggs, nuts and pork, for example). 

Fast fact: There are 800 vegetarian recipes and more than 300 vegan recipes on our exclusive member website, with new ones being added all the time and many more that are easily adapted.

Meet the members: Discover how Farzana and Alisha (featured in our main image) fit Food Optimising into their everyday life, to give the whole family a health boost.

When you join Slimming World, you’ll be supported to make healthy changes that fit into your lifestyle. Whatever’s on your regular menu, we can make it slimming-friendly – so you can get the weight loss you want, while enjoying the foods that you love!  

Discover two great ways to join Slimming World here.  

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