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When you think of Slimming World, it’s likely that you’re picturing our wonderfully welcoming groups, which meet weekly for ongoing weight loss support. What you might not know about is our digital-only service – Slimming World Online – which is perfect for those who may not be able to make it to their local group or who prefer to follow an online plan. 

Discover the difference between our two ways to join here

What’s included when you sign up to Slimming World Online? 

Everything you need to follow Food Optimising – our flexible, healthy-eating plan which is easily tailored to suit you and your lifestyle. You’ll never feel hungry with Slimming World, because our plan is packed with hundreds of Free Foods which you can eat freely without any weighing or measuring (yes, even pasta, potatoes and rice!). And there’s no need to worry about calorie counting, as we’ve done all that hard work for you! 

Personalised support based on your progress, to help you through challenging times. 

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Access to more than 50 years of experience, expertise and science, and a plan rooted in the psychology of slimming, which has helped millions to lose weight and stay slim for life. 

People running, cycling and hula-hooping – Slimming World package-slimming world blog

Our unique physical activity programme, Body Magic, which will support you to get started when the time’s right for you, or to take it further if you’re already active. 

More than 90 activity videos to try, with standing and seated workouts to suit all levels of fitness and mobility. 

Illustration of the Slimming World member pack of books

A member pack of books, including guides to Food Optimising and Body Magic. 

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Our members-only website – with more than 2,000 authentic Slimming World recipes, plus meal plans, weight loss tools, strategies and articles to keep your motivation on fire. 

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Our top-rated members-only app – including the Slimming World barcode scanner, so you can make great food choices in seconds, our interactive weight loss planner and more. 

A weekly schedule of fun live events covering recipe ideas, strategies for tricky situations and advice on getting active, plus an exclusive members-only podcast. 

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Exclusive access to all the Slimming World publications, including recipe books and Slimming World Magazine, which you can buy from our online shop. 

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Care, understanding and inspiration in our Slimming World Online Community – a warm and friendly place to celebrate your successes and get support for any obstacles or challenges you face along the way. 

Free Slimming World recipe book. Find out more about this special offer.

Meet the Slimming World Online member

Slimming World Online member Jules Turnock

Jules halved her body weight in a year, completely tranforming her life…

Read Jules’ story and discover her top tips, favourite recipes and before/after menu

How much does it cost? 

There are three Slimming World Online membership packages to choose from: 

Bronze — £60/€75 for three months’ membership, plus: 

  • our super-charged member pack to help jump-start your weight loss 

Silver — £65/€90 for three months’ membership, plus: 

  • our super-charged member pack to help jump-start your weight loss 
  • two Slimming World recipe books (worth £4.95/€7.95 each) 

Gold — £80/€120 for three months’ membership, plus: 

  • our super-charged member pack to help jump-start your weight loss 
  • two Slimming World recipe books (worth £4.95/€7.95 each) 
  • a one-year subscription to Slimming World Magazine (normally £20.70) 

Still undecided? Discover what’s included in a Slimming World group membership here

Special offers 

You’ll find details of our latest special offers for joining either a Slimming World group or Slimming World Online here. 

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