Slimming World win charity award after raising £2 million in two weeks

Derbyshire-based weight loss organisation, Slimming World, has been presented with a ‘Special Achievement Award’ for a fundraising campaign that raised £2.1million in just two weeks for Cancer Research UK.

The Big Slimming World Clothes Throw, which has been running annually across Slimming World groups for three years, invites group members to donate the clothes, shoes and accessories they have successfully slimmed out of to local Cancer Research UK shops. Taking place over just two weeks in May, the campaign also raises awareness of the link between maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the risk of developing cancer.

Slimming World was presented with the award by Cancer Research UK’s chief executive, Sir Harpal Kumar, at their annual Corporate Partner Thank You dinner, held in central London.

This year’s Big Slimming World Clothes Throw campaign was the most successful Clothes Throw yet, with more than 80,000 bags of clothes donated – an 11% rise on 2015 and 113% up on 2014.

With each bag collected worth around £25, the Clothes Throw campaign has now raised £5.8 million since it launched in 2013.

Slimming World’s Head of External Affairs, Jenny Caven, accepted the award on behalf of Slimming World. She says: “It’s increasingly clear that there are strong links between being an unhealthy weight and having a greater risk of developing cancer. It’s so rewarding to be helping to raise awareness of the links and to be making a difference in finding solutions in the fight against cancer through our partnership with Cancer Research UK.

“The Clothes Throw is a perfect opportunity for Slimming World members to celebrate their slimming success and the fact they’ll never need their ‘before’ clothes again. It also plays a vital part in spreading the message that keeping a healthy weight could reduce the risk of developing 13 different types of cancer – raising awareness of this fact is a key aim of the partnership overall. We hope every pair of jeans, t-shirt and dress collected will help to make a difference by raising money to go towards Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.

“This award is a thank you to all Slimming World members, Consultants and staff across the organisation who have been part of this fabulous campaign. We remain committed to supporting the work of Cancer Research UK to help beat cancer sooner and very much look forward to another year of working together.”

Caro Evans, director of partnerships at Cancer Research UK said: “We’re so grateful for all the support we get from Slimming World and its members. Not only have they raised a huge amount of money for our work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, but they’re also helping us raise awareness of how adopting healthy habits can help people reduce their risk of developing cancer. We were thrilled to be able to show our thanks through this award, and look forward to working with them again next year.”

Jenny Caven, Head of External Affairs
The Clothes Throw also plays a vital part in spreading the message that keeping a healthy weight could reduce the risk of developing 13 different types of cancer – raising awareness of this fact is a key aim of the partnership overall.
Jenny Caven, Head of External Affairs

Slimming World and Cancer Research UK are currently in the fourth year of their partnership, after Slimming World’s 900,000 members and 4,500 local Consultants voted for Cancer Research UK to benefit from their fundraising activities through the organisation’s own charitable foundation, ‘SMILES’ (Slimmers Making It a Little Easier for Someone). Since they started working together in January 2013, Slimming World has raised more than £6.5million in all its fundraising efforts for Cancer Research UK’s live-saving work.

As well as the Clothes Throw, Slimming World has a number of fundraising campaigns in its calendar. Slimming World does Race for Life encourages Slimming World groups to hold their own activity-based event. This year the campaign raised £195,000 and so far, Slimming World does Race for Life events have raised more than £500,000 towards the organisation’s fundraising total.

To find out more about Slimming World or your nearest group visit www.slimmingworld.co.uk.

Notes to Editors

Slimming World was founded by Margaret Miles-Bramwell (OBE, FRSA) in 1969. There are now more than 18,000 groups held weekly across the UK and Republic of Ireland via a network of 4,000 community-based Slimming World Consultants, who receive specific training in the role of diet and physical activity in weight management, as well as sophisticated behaviour-change techniques.

Slimming World’s healthy eating plan, Food Optimising, is based on the science of satiety and energy density. Our phased activity programme, Body Magic, eases members into activity until it becomes an intrinsic part of their daily routine. The principles behind Slimming World’s philosophy are based on a deep understanding of the challenges faced by overweight people and a recognition that those who struggle with weight carry a double burden, the weight itself and a burden of guilt and shame about their weight. Slimming World’s programme integrates practical, up-to-date advice with a highly developed support system based on care and compassion, and Consultant training focuses on facilitating behaviour change in a warm and friendly group environment. Consultant training is delivered through the Slimming World Academy. Slimming World also invests in a comprehensive research programme to develop its support for long-term weight management. The group support provided by Slimming World is recognised as effective by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the NHS.

For more information about Slimming World’s approach visit www.slimmingworld.co.uk or call 0344 897 8000.

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