Derbyshire staff fill up on ‘Free Food’ feast!

Staff at Slimming World’s Derbyshire head office kicked off February with a fabulous ‘Free’ lunch as they celebrated the launch of a national slimming campaign.

To mark the launch of ‘Free Food February’, Slimming World, based in Alfreton, served up a mouth-watering healthy feast for all of its head office employees – which was ‘Free’ in more ways than one.

Throughout February, Slimming World groups across the UK and Ireland are celebrating Free Food February, a festival-inspired celebration named after all of the ‘Free Food’ that the organisation’s 900,000 members can enjoy freely on the Food Optimising healthy eating plan.

Slimming World’s eating plan uses the principles of energy density (the calories per gram in a food), and satiety (how filling a food is). Foods with low energy density, are best at satisfying your appetite and can be enjoyed freely without weighing, counting or measuring, so members learn how to make healthy choices and lose weight – and keep it off – without feeling hungry.

Free Food includes lean meat and fish, plain tofu, pasta, rice, potatoes, eggs and more.

Victor Ohene, Digital Producer
We are really well looked after here at head office and our lovely catering team work incredibly hard to provide us with a variety of healthy and filling meals to choose from every day.
Victor Ohene, Digital Producer

To celebrate the national launch, and as a special treat, delicious Free Food-filled dishes were served up on the house to head office staff, in the brand-new restaurant at the organisation’s new state-of-the-art extension.

The catering team cooked up a variety of healthy meals to choose from including sloppy Joe, Goan masala tortilla, pasta penne, bacon wrapped chicken with roasted root vegetables, jumbo scotch eggs and a spicy lentil and chick pea stew. All meals came with rice, Slimming World diced roast new potatoes or jacket potatoes, hot vegetables and salad options.

Victor Ohene, Digital Producer (pictured above), says: “I had the bacon wrapped chicken with the jumbo scotch egg and roast potatoes and it was absolutely delicious! We are really well looked after here at head office and our lovely catering team work incredibly hard to provide us with a variety of healthy and filling meals to choose from every day. The meals are always made from Slimming World recipes which is especially great when a new recipe book comes out as we get to test some tasty dishes! This time they were from our new Free Food on the Go recipe book and they were delicious!”

Each year, the Slimming World restaurant serves up more than 100,000 subsidised meals for staff, visitors and the 5,500 Consultants who attend the Slimming World Academy for training. All meals are cooked from scratch by a talented in-house catering team.

PIC CAPTION: Owen Hudson and Victor Ohene enjoy a ‘Free Food’ feast at their Alfreton-based head office

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