Losing 6 ½st leaves Bill medication free


As Slimming World supports the new NHS campaign to encourage people over 40 in England to get their blood pressure checked for free, Bill shares his incredible health transformation.

Bill Chana, 55, a business development manager from Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, has lost 6½st with Slimming World, and seen his blood pressure stable, asthma symptoms disappear, and his type 2 diabetes go into remission.

Having struggled with his weight for years, Bill’s wife Sati, tried to convince him to join Slimming World where she was a member.

He says: “I’ve tried every diet under the sun like calorie counting, eating grapefruit with every meal, shakes and soups, and believed nothing worked for me. I’d got set ideas about what dieting involved, and it wasn’t fun at all. I couldn’t be convinced otherwise, and as soon as Sati had given up trying to convert me to Slimming World, I put any thoughts of losing weight out of my head.”

After a visit to his GP though, Bill was diagnosed with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, and his asthma had worsened as his weight increased. The new diagnoses scared him, and he knew he could no longer avoid his weight, so decided to relent and give Slimming World a try.

Bill says: “I could see Sati’s excitement as she explained that Slimming World was all about healthy eating, and nothing like the faddy diets I’d tried in the past – and she promised me I wouldn’t be going hungry. Now that was something I could really get on board with.

“After a chat, we took the decision that, yes, I’d join Slimming World, but I’d go to a different group to Sati, so we could both have our own weight loss journeys. If Slimming World really could help me take control of my health, and I wouldn’t have to exist on shakes or soups, then what did I have to lose?

“On the first day at group when my Consultant told me I weighed 19st 7½lbs, it was a real eye-opener – it was far more than I’d ever imagined.”

Bill, who lives with Sati and teenage son Rohan, says: “Although I’d listened as my Consultant explained the plan and I realised I wouldn’t have to stop eating the meals I loved to make at home – like chickpea curry, tarka dhal and keema – I still didn’t believe they could taste as good.

“‘It was with a heavy heart that I made my first Slimming World Food Optimising chicken tikka masala, leaving out the ingredients I believed to be essential. I’d cooked the meat in low-calorie cooking spray, and there was no sugary sauce from a jar because everything was cooked from scratch. As we sat down to eat, though, I couldn’t believe how delicious it was.”

Since joining Slimming World in July 2022, Bill has lost 6st 7lbs and is now a target member. His health has transformed, and his blood pressure is now stable.

He says: “After only a few months of attending Slimming World my GP told me I was looking very fit and well, and then at my next review, he said with a smile: ‘The good news is, we’re going to be able to reduce your medication. Well done – you’ve done all this yourself.’ I was so proud of myself.”

As well as changes to their diet, Bill and Sati also encouraged each other to take part in Slimming World’s physical activity support programme: “To start with, we’d walk around our local area, challenging ourselves to get in 5,000 steps a day. That number became easier and easier to hit, so we’ve raised our goals, now doing up to 8,000 steps and trying some of the activity videos on the members’ app at home, too.”

Sati has also reached her weight-loss goal, losing 5st.

“Losing weight has transformed my life, to the absolute delight of my ever-loving wife and son. And I can even forgive Sati when she occasionally digs me in the ribs and says: ‘I told you so!’

“I’m convinced my health improvements have all been down to my new lifestyle. My blood pressure is stable, I’m medication free, my type 2 diabetes is now in remission, my asthma symptoms have gone, and my GP has told me there is no fat around my liver.”

Before losing weight, Bill was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Consistent high blood pressure puts the heart and blood vessels under extra strain, as well as other organs, and it can lead to a number of health problems including stroke, heart disease and heart attacks.

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the second biggest killer in England, causing a quarter of all deaths. Yet, many of these deaths are preventable as high blood pressure can often be reduced by maintaining a healthy weight, and making lifestyle changes leading to a longer, healthier life.

A new NHS England campaign has been launched to raise awareness of how high blood pressure (hypertension) can affect people over 40, and to encourage them to get checked in a nearby participating pharmacy*.

Find a pharmacy that offers free NHS blood pressure checks to over 40s by clicking here: qrco.de/benI0T

*If you do receive confirmation of high blood pressure, please speak to your GP or healthcare provider.

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