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At Slimming World we know that starting – and staying – on a weight loss journey isn’t always  easy. Even with an eating plan as generous and liberating as Food Optimising, changing habits of a lifetime takes real effort. Everyone hits bumps in the road and without the right support it can be easy to give up on yourself.

That’s where your group’s highly trained Consultant and like-minded and friendly members come in. They’ll be there by your side – your personal cheerleaders – to motivate and inspire you each week, as you make changes, establish healthy new habits and really get to know yourself as a slimmer.

When we put together our Mind Your Language report, we worked closely with leading psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos to understand the links between self talk, self-esteem and weight loss. We discovered that being part of an encouraging group of like-minded people can transform the way we feel about ourselves, motivating us to make positive lifestyle changes that can help us lose weight and feel fantastic.

In our survey of 1,202 Slimming World members:

  • 72% stated that their Slimming World group makes them feel like they’re not alone
  • 91% said that being a Slimming World member makes them feel more positive about themselves

Here’s what Slimming World members say about their experiences in group…

Slimming World member Anna

Anna (@annasw_journey) has lost an incredible 7st 6lbs since finding the courage to join her local Slimming World group. She says:

“I was at my lowest point… Aching all the time, no self-belief or self-confidence and heavier than I’d been in a long time. I felt down and couldn’t see a way out. I’d always felt too nervous to join a group. I think – when you’re doing it on your own – if you have an unexpected gain, it knocks you, while, at group, you get supported through those sad moments.”

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Slimming World member Karen transformation

We know that successful weight loss is about so much more than simply changing what you eat. We give our members all the tools they need to make those deeper changes that will lead to healthier habits for life. Karen (@SWKarenNewell) says:

“There’s 4st difference between these two photos. I’ve changed my attitude, mindset, lifestyle, eating habits and my belief in myself. Slimming World has helped and supported me to do that.”

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Slimming World member Fraser transformation

We also get the complex emotions surrounding weight and weight loss, so we’re able to help our members to understand themselves as slimmers and provide a supportive space where they can develop strategies to break any negative cycles. Fraser (@fraser_slimmingworld) learnt a whole new approach to life at his group…

“When I joined Slimming World, I didn’t just discover the joy of unlimited Free Food… I also discovered self-compassion, self-love and self-care 😊 It’s been a transformation of wellbeing as well as a physical one!”

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Janette shared these words with her proud Consultant, Ciara (@slimmingworldobsessed)… 

“I started group in January and quickly settled into my Slimming World family. I soon learned that it’s not all about food but your feelings and emotions, too. To realise that you’re not the only one who’s having ups and downs and that you can draw on support from everyone there is worth its weight in gold. Now we’re back to venues, the buzz of it all is truly amazing – from sharing recipes and tips to celebrating someone’s weight loss or supporting the members who’ve had a bad week. There’s no judgement.”

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Slimming World member Edie

Edie (@edieshoegal) started her journey with some challenging beliefs and feelings around weight and food…

“Joining Slimming World has changed my life so much. I’ve had some awful associations with food since childhood, and comments about my weight have always had a huge impact on me. I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and Nikki (@nikki.d_slimming_world_telford) has been the best support.”

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Slimming World member Tansy with her Consultant

Every Slimming World Consultant has been a member themselves, so they truly understand and know how to get you through those tricky times. Tansy (@tansyslimmingworld) has lost 7st and has this to say about her Consultant, Vicky…

“I have so much love for my Consultant – she’s always keeping us motivated and inspired. She brings a fantastic, fun energy to group and is full of positivity! I’m honestly so grateful to her for keeping me on track.”

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Slimming World member Chloe transformation

Chloe (@chloemck88_sw) is celebrating hitting her target weight after losing 3st 6lbs. She says:

“A massive thank you to my Consultant for her amazing dedication, commitment and support, especially during the pandemic. She has been amazing… All the ladies from my Thursday group are the most supportive and uplifting group of women I’ve ever met. I feel healthier, happier and confident.”

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Don’t worry if you’re restarting your weight loss campaign after some time away – you’ll always be greeted with big smiles and open arms! Sophie (@sophie.g.sw) is loving being part of the Slimming World community again….

“So, here I am, restarting my journey. It’s been nearly a year and I needed a fresh start. I know I needed to be back in a place where I felt supported with my weight loss and, for me, Slimming World is that place.”

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You can find all the details of your local Slimming World group here – we’re waiting to welcome you!

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