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Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family, Goosebumps… Whichever your favourite Halloween film is, nothing beats snuggling up (behind a cushion) for a family-friendly film fest. And we all know that a movie session calls for delicious snacks to share while you watch.

With a little bit of Food Optimising know-how, you can savour all your favourite cinema-style nibbles and set yourself up for a blockbusting weight loss. Choose one of these wicked watches from our creepy collection and conjure up some movie-night munch to enjoy a fab fright night – Slimming World style!

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Funny and just the right side of frightening, this movie trio is great for the whole family to watch together. Just watch out for Slappy…

If your plan is to sidestep the snacks entirely, a filling Food Optimising meal before you press play will curb your hunger and make you less likely to graze as you watch. Tiffany’s (@Tiffvsfood) low-Syn eyeball pasta and mummy garlic bread will help you get into the spooky mood and avoid any slimming scares.

Eyeball spaghetti on plate with mummy garlic bread-Halloween movie snacks-slimming world blog

TRY THE RECIPE: Click for our Free meatball pasta recipe.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Is it a Halloween movie? Or a Christmas flick? Whichever side of the debate you fall, it’s easy to see why this family film has stood the test of time – the sweetly spooky Jack Skellington is irresistibly charming.

Make your own Pumpkin Kings by cutting the tops off of peppers, scooping out all the seeds and using a sharp knife to carve scary faces into the sides. We love these stuffed Jack-o’-lantern peppers that Emily (@sw_emilyjane_) served up:

Jack o lantern peppers-Halloween movie snacks-slimming world blog

She says: “Sauté chopped aubergine, onion and garlic until caramelised, then add a tin of tomatoes, herbs and paprika while cooking the dried rice in a separate pan. Once the rice is cooked, drain, then add to the vegetables.

Chop the tops off of some red and yellow peppers, then carve faces into the peppers and pop them in the oven for 10 minutes, to cook slightly before you stuff them with the rice and veg.

Once stuffed, pop them in the oven for another 15 minutes. You could also add melted cheese to the tops then grill until bubbling.”

MORE FOR MEMBERS: You’ll find our Jack-o’-lantern peppers recipe – and more terrifyingly tasty Halloween food – on the exclusive member website and app.

Monster House

This haunted house story is a family favourite, so cuddle up with your little ones for gentle scares. Can you recognise the distinctive voice of Mr Nebbercracker? “Get off my lawn!”

You could even create your own monster mash-up of eerie eats to enjoy while you watch. Clinton and Zoe (@topchefnavarros_sw) had fun making this feast of creepy creations:

Navarros Halloween party spread-Halloween movie snacks-slimming world blog

They said: “Absolutely loved putting this together!”

😈Devilled drumsticks – (Find the recipe here, SW Matt)
🎃Pumpkin peppers – orange peppers stuffed with a tomato spaghetti
👻Ghost burgers – 5%-fat-or-less beef mince mixed with egg and spices then shaped into burgers and covered with strips of cheese and olive slices for eyes
👽Green slime garlic dip – fat-free natural yogurt mixed with crushed garlic and green food colouring
❤Creepy coleslaw – red onion, red cabbage and grated carrot, mixed with fat-free natural Greek yogurt, quark, chives, a splash of lemon juice and red food colouring
🎃Oven-baked ‘pumpkin’ butternut squash slices seasoned with paprika  
👾Asparagus monsters
😨Chilli pepper mummies – stuffed with feta cheese and wrapped with reduced-fat puff pastry

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Hocus Pocus

Cast a spell over the kids with this Halloween classic. No children? No problem! Fully grown witches will love a bit of Hocus Pocus just as much. Sisters, unite!

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, a cauldron of broth will keep you cosy without giving you a shock on the scales… and Sarah’s (@slimmyconcarne) seasonal soup is sure to cause a stir with your little pumpkins.

Pumpkin soup with potato wedges-Halloween movie snacks-slimming world blog

STIR IT UP: Our spooktacular butternut squash soup is a Halloween show-stopper – and you can get your kids involved for some gooey, eww-ey fun, too!

The Addams Family

In this kooky animation, the eccentric and macabre Addams family moves to a bland suburb in New Jersey, where Wednesday befriends the daughter of a reality show host.

And there’s no better way to spend an evening with the creepy clan than with a gruesomely good snacks. We think Ellie’s (@ellie_sw21) boo-tiful baked oats are perfect!

Pumpkin baked oats-Halloween movie snacks-slimming world blog

She says: “We’re off to our first Halloween event today at a local farm (pumpkin picking, spooky maze etc) so thought I’d get into the spirit with these spooktacula baked oats.

I added coffee flavouring for a little extra va-va-voom and some green food colouring for a spooky vibe 🦹‍♀️”

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Whether you goo for classic 80s vibes or the modern remake, Ghostbusters brings the frights while tickling your funny bone. And if you’re looking for treats that won’t slay your weight loss progress, who ya gonna call? Slimming World, of course!

These cute Halloween-themed fruits are a fun activity you can do with your own little gang of Ghostbusters. Just halve bananas and add two chocolate drops and a raisin to each half for eyes and a mouth (count ½ Syn for two ghosts).


Slimming World is definitely one to watch for ghoulishly good slim-friendly snacks. You can find out more about joining your local group here.

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