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There are so many exciting things to look forward to at this time of year – from presents and fab food to spending time with loved ones. On the flip side, the hectic run-up to Christmas, with all the stress and socialising, could potentially see your weight loss stall. Taking time to relax and refresh is important for our physical and mental health, too. Fortunately, our members are full of ideas on how to gift yourself some Yuletide ‘you-time’ this year…

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A very merry Christmas market

Christmas shopping isn’t the most relaxing of activities, but Christmas-market shopping is a whole different bauble game! Wandering around the fairy-lit log cabins and picking up some tinsel-tastic trinkets is much more enjoyable than hitting the heaving shopping centre.

Of course, there’ll be lots of food and drink to tempt you as you shop, and Slimming World has plenty of strategies to help you find your way through the Christmas-market minefield! Many of the larger markets have websites, so you can see the foodie options in advance and check out the lower-Syn options – and your local Slimming World group (or the Slimming World Online Community) is a great place to swap slim-safe tips.

Zoe Mole and daughter standing in front of pink Christmas lights and wearing wooley hats

Zoe (@swgoldenzoe) enjoyed some much-needed festive-market time at her local Christmas Wonderland. She says: “Had such fun in Bournemouth tonight. 🎄 And proud I avoided the Christmas-market temptations… 🙌🏻”

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Festive family time

Christmas is all about having fun with your loved ones, so don’t forget to take some time off from the planning and prepping. Younger children will, of course, have a very important appointment with the big man in red, while frosty activities like tobogganing and ice skating are great for all ages (and brrr-illiant Body Magic!). You could also wrap up warm and get some steps in on a walking tour of the local Christmas lights.

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Getting your ho, ho, ho on

Feeling super-busy and stressed can leave even the most Christmas-mad of us channelling our inner Grinch. Lighten up with a good laugh at a stand-up show, pop on your favourite comedy film or just meet your funniest friend for a Christmas catch-up. Ro (@life_with_ro_) was beaming from ear to ear after enjoying a date night at the theatre. She says:

Ro weight loss transformation – three photos showing weight loss

“Following Slimming World has allowed me to find myself. I no longer feel that I hide behind a pretend front. I finally feel that I can just be me.”

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Believe in Body Magic

It’s easy for our regular fitness plans to go into hibernation at this time of year – and that can have a knock-on effect on how we feel. Yet winter can also be a wonderful time for moving more, and being active is one of the simplest ways to boost your mood. Challenge yourself to hit a daily step count, do star jumps through the Christmas ads or take inspiration from Siân and enjoy a brisk stroll in the countryside.

Sian walking with her partner in a field

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Kick back with a cuppa

As much as we love Christmas days (and nights) out, they can leave you feeling exhausted (in the most wonderful way!). Sometimes, what you really need is to just stay home and rest up.

A grey mug topped with mini marshmallows held up in front of a Christmas tree

Devon (@devonbonnersmith_sw) shows us how it’s done with a cosy cuppa in front of a twinkling tree. She says: “How cold is it today?! I’m not feeling 100% so I made a comforting hot chocolate using my favourite low-Syn hot chocolate powder topped with mini marshmallows.” You absolutely can enjoy a creamy hot choc at Slimming World – our triple-topped version is a taste sensation.

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Go to your happy place

Walking in nature, visiting your favourite coffee shop, snuggling under a warm blanket… We all have a soothing setting that helps us feel safe and comfortable, and it’s the perfect place to retreat to when we need a break from the Christmas chaos. Ro (@life_with_ro_) took advantage of some surprise free time to take a relaxing ride on her horse.

Ro taking a selfie while riding her horse

She says: “Today was such a rarity. I had the whole morning to myself – so I took the princess out for a lovely stretch. Where’s your happy place?”

Christmas movie night

Settling down to a festive film is the perfect excuse to chill for a couple of hours (more, if you fancy a movie marathon!). It’s also a super-easy activity that all ages can enjoy together – everyone loves a feel-good Christmas film, don’t they?

Be kind to yourself

Christmas is all about giving, but don’t forget to treat yourself during this extra-busy time. And being kind to yourself is the gift that keeps giving – boosting happiness, reducing stress levels and supercharging your weight loss in the process.

Choosing to focus on your weight loss by eating nourishing, delicious food is one of the best ways to be kind to yourself – it’s like saying a big ‘thank you’ every day to your mind and body for working so hard – and it’s powered Dee (@sw_southport_dee) on to her 5st award. She says:

Dee wearing a Santa dress and holding her five stone award

“Today, with a 2lbs loss, I reclaimed my 5st award and, with last week’s loss, that’s 6lbs in two weeks! That’s come from making better choices and being kinder to myself!”

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We all know that stress can be a danger zone – and that can tempt us into old patterns of eating. So, between the school plays and stuffing the turkey, it’s important to carve out some ‘me-time’. One of the great things about joining a Slimming World group is that it gives you that hour to focus completely on yourself, however hectic the rest of the week may be, and get plenty of support to help see you through to the New Year in slimming style.

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