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And just like that, it’s September! Is it just us, or did the summer fly by?

While September’s a popular time for many of us to wipe the slimming slate clean, at Slimming World we believe you can lose weight through every season.

Over the past few months, we’ve shared some of the unique tools and strategies you’ll find in Slimming World groups – or our digital service, Slimming World Online – that helped our members enjoy a summer of fun and a stonking weight loss.

So if you had a slip-up over the summer, don’t worry. Join us for a look back at how our members kept their slimming strong – and send your motivation soaring for autumn and beyond…

Tap into our tools

No weight loss journey is ever plain sailing! At Slimming World, you’ll find practical advice and support to help you get back on track – and our powerful Motivational Toolkit can help you overcome any obstacles.

Slimming World member Leigh-Anne holding her Slimming World member pack

When our member Leigh-Anne (@leighanneslimmingworld) saw her slimming stall, she turned to her Consultant and friends in group for support and came away with a foolproof plan to get the weight loss she wanted. She said:

“This week I mean business!

✅️Food Diary at the ready to check & double check everything that I east & drink.
✅️Upping my Speed food
✅️Plan my week
✅️Throw a couple of SP meals in
✅️Continue with my Silver Body Magic Award
I will absolutely be having my 1.5stone award next week!”

Soak up support

Our research shows that feeling connected in a group of kind and understanding people, who care about your success and positively support you to succeed, makes all the difference to your weight loss.

Slimming World member Nichola posing with a 4st weight loss award certificate

Whether you join your local group or Slimming World Online, you’ll be warmly welcomed by  like-minded people who’ll share ideas and celebrate your success. Nichola (@swnicholag) went to her group every week during the summer to stay supported and that helped her earn her 4st award. She said:

“After being a little disappointed last week, with the power of group I kept going knowing my good decisions would pay off! And my goodness me did they, with an amazing loss this week!! 🎉 A step closer to my target and I couldn’t be more happy!”

Food Optimise – wherever you are

Day trips ✅ Picnics ✅ Eating out ✅ Self-catered holidays ✅ Food Optimising can be tailored to every scenario, so you can keep your weight loss on track without missing out. Your Slimming World Consultant and friends in group will help you personalise our eating plan to suit you and show you some smart swaps to help you slim through every occasion.

Becky's Food Optimising lunch of jacket potato, beans, cheese and salad

Slimming World member Becky (@swtarget.member) used her Food Optimising know-how to spot the Free Foods on a tearoom menu and chose this tasty-looking lunch to keep her weight loss on course.

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Make healthy new habits

At Slimming World, we’ve been helping people form healthy new habits for more than 50 years. Our eating plan is fully flexible, so you can make simple changes to suit your lifestyle. Simply going to group each week can make a big difference, too, as studies show that connecting socially with others who engage in healthy eating and activity patterns can help us build similar ones.

Slimming World member Tess walking through a field

Our member Tess (@tess.slimmingworld) turned activity into a habit over the summer by squeezing in a sunny walk whenever she had a spare moment.

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Build in Body Magic moments

At Slimming World, we support our members to move more through our unique Body Magic activity programme, and this summer we launched our ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ activity challenge to inspire our members to build up their fitness levels by following a weekly timetable of activity.

Member Meg jumping on a trampoline in the garden.

Meg borrowed a trampoline so she could enjoy those Body Magic benefits.

You can find out more about joining Slimming World here.

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