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Sparkling lights, fabulous festive food and the thrill of a West End theatre show… London is a winter wonderland at Christmastime. And yet, two years ago was the first year that I felt fully able to enjoy our annual December trip with friends. 

Blue Christmas 

Kirsty Christmas 2019

Looking back to Christmases past, my weight always seemed to put a dampener on the festivities. At 18st 2lbs, sightseeing and Christmas shopping caused my ankles to swell up painfully. I didn’t feel that I could dress up for our lovely lunches in Covent Garden, because even if I could physically walk in heels, I just didn’t have the confidence to wear them. And while I loved going to the theatre, those fold-down seats aren’t made for bigger bodies, so I’d sit there feeling squashed and uncomfortable, which was such a shame. 

After a disappointing Christmas in 2019, I decided that enough was enough and joined my local Slimming World group. At 15st 5½lbs, my husband, Roger, 53, wanted to lose weight too, so we went along together.  

Together at Christmas with Slimming World - Join in the fun

I was actually quite worried about going to group. I’d lost weight with Slimming World in the past, but as soon as I hit my target, I stopped attending, went back to my unhealthy eating habits and the weight went back on. I didn’t need to feel embarrassed, though. We both got such a warm welcome from our Consultant, Mandy, and the other members. No one judged me for needing to come back and I quickly felt so comfortable in the group. We’ve made some really great friends and I’m so happy that I made that decision. 

Wonderful Christmastime 

Kirsty and Roger Christmas 2020

By Christmas 2020, Roger had hit his target weight of 11st 4lbs and I was well on my way. Despite lockdown putting the stoppers on our London trip, we enjoyed a lovely family Christmas at home in our ‘bubble’, with our two grown-up children, Hannah and Harri, and Hannah’s partner, James. 

I absolutely love food, so there was no way that I was ever going to compromise on the quality and enjoyment of my meals – and especially not at Christmas. With Slimming World, I didn’t have to. In fact, I really enjoyed trying the different Christmas recipes on the app, instead of just filling my shopping basket with pre-prepared dishes. I had a fantastic time cooking up a storm – and you’d better believe that we had the full works!  

Kirsty’s Christmas dinner 

Roast turkey with stuffing  
Slimming World roast potatoes 
Maple-glazed carrots 
Chestnut sprouts 
Braised red cabbage 
Cranberry sauce 
Best-ever turkey gravy 

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Step into Christmas 

On 22nd February 2021, I hit my target weight and the transformation was almost unbelievable. In fact, Roger and I met a friend who’d been living abroad for dinner and, when we arrived at the restaurant, he looked straight through us as though we were strangers!  

Slimming World member Roger Cound before and after photo

Of course, the difference goes much deeper than our appearance. Roger was a keen runner before, but he struggled with knee pain and he didn’t lose even a single pound in weight. Now, there’s no stopping him! I’ll admit that I took a little bit more persuasion to get active – but working my way through the Body Magic awards in Slimming World’s activity programme really helps to motivate me. I love to walk, which used to cause my ankles to flare up before I lost the weight. We’re both happy to go out rain or shine, we just put our waterproofs on and off we go!  

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Santa Claus is coming to town! 

Kirsty and Roger Christmas 2021

By Christmas 2021, I weighed 10st 7lbs and bought a beautiful fitted red dress in a size 10. My previous dress size was 22-24 and losing weight opened up a whole new world of gorgeous clothes that make me feel amazing. The London trip was back on the cards and I wore a very special outfit – a tan leather pencil skirt and a pair of the highest heels I could find! 

Slimming World member Kirsty and Roger Cound with Consultant Mandy
In my new red dress with our fabulous Consultant Mandy

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Together at Christmas with Slimming World - Join in the festive fun
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