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Today is an extra-special day all around the world – it’s International Women’s Day! And that means it’s the perfect time to celebrate all the role-model women who spur all of us on, both when they’re flying high and when they’re feeling low.

From breaking free of yo-yo dieting to rediscovering their confidence, our members have had some truly life-changing experiences – and they’ve inspired their fellow slimmers to realise their dreams along the way, too!

To be honest, we think our members (including our brilliant blokes) are pretty amazing all year round and we never need an excuse to cheer about them, but we couldn’t let International Women’s Day go by without sharing some of the incredible women you’ll find in Slimming World groups and our online community.

Here are just some of the fantastic women who fill us with ‘that Slimming World feeling’…

Slimming supporter

We absolutely love this moment with Kim (@slim_kim_sw), who was so excited to celebrate when her fellow slimmer, Donna, achieved her target weight that they jumped for joy!

slim_kim_sw - International Woman's Day - Slimming World Blog

At Slimming World, we’re big believers in celebrating every single weight loss milestone. As well as picking you up (sometimes literally!) if you need a lift, encouraging members like Kim will be the first to congratulate you on your success with a hug and cheer – giving you that exciting boost of motivation that’ll see you all the way to your dream weight.

Magnificent motivator

Three cheers to our fabulous member, Julie, for inspiring Gareth to join Slimming World. With the help of their fantastic Consultant, Gill, they’ve now lost over 11½st between them!

Gareth says: “Thank you, ladies, for changing my life for the better! Love you both!”

Gareth - International Woman's Day - Slimming World Blog

For some of us, taking those first steps into a Slimming World group can be a bit daunting, so it can be helpful to go along with a friend if you’re feeling nervous. Just know that, whether you’re a solo slimmer or part of a slimming squad, you’re guaranteed a warm, friendly welcome as soon as you walk through those doors.

Fantastic friends

When you join Slimming World, you’ll be surrounded by a friendly bunch of like-minded slimmers who know exactly what you’re going through – so don’t be surprised if you quickly find yourself with lots of new friends ready to support you all the way to your dream weight.

Natalie and Cortney met in group and they’ve supported and inspired each other to lose a combined 18st!

Janice - International Woman's Day - Slimming World Blog

Kitchen creators

Hurray for Heather and Laura (@SW_heatherandlaura)! They were blown away when their fellow slimmers voted them the winners of a Free Food cook-off competition in their Slimming World group for their slimming-friendly pizza idea.

sw_heatherandlaura - International Woman's Day - Slimming World Blog

Getting recipe ideas from inspiring members will help to keep your slimming journey exciting and full of flavour. And the best part is that, with so many fantastic Free Foods to fill up on, you’re guaranteed to come away from group every week brimming with exciting meal ideas to try, just like Heather and Laura:

“We love, love, love group because we get such good ideas 💡 from it and can take them away to create ourselves 🥰”

Inspirational Consultant

Whether it’s feeling disappointed with the scales or being tempted by your trigger foods, losing weight can be a challenge. It’s at those times when having a friendly, caring person who believes in you and wants to help you get back on track can make all the difference to your slimming success. That’s why all of our Consultants are the superstars of Slimming World groups!

Hannah (@thefunnymummydoesslimmingworld) has lost an amazing 10st 8½lbs and says she couldn’t have done it without the incredible support of her Consultant, Amy.

thefunnymummydoesslimmingworld - International Woman's Day - Slimming World Blog

Hannah says: “She has dried my tears when things have got difficult in my personal life, sent me lovely messages when I’ve not reached a new weight loss and has cheered me on every time I’ve got to my mini targets,” Hannah says. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your guidance and support.”

Body Magic buddies

A huge congratulations to Carrie and Lucy, who recently reached their target weights in group! Not only have these fabulous friends supported each other to lose a combined 5st, they’ve inspired their fellow slimmers to embrace Body Magic by talking about their boxercise classes and Couch to 5K journeys in Charlotte’s (@charlostweight_sw) group.

charlostweight - International Woman's Day - Slimming World Blog

As well as some fun-tastic suggestions on the blog, you’ll find lots of brilliant Body Magic ideas in your Slimming World group or online, so that, when you’re ready, you can find a way to boost your activity levels that you’ll genuinely enjoy. That’s exactly what happened to our lovely member, Sonia (@beetrootandblusher), who discovered a love of running after being encouraged to do a 5K by her friends in group.

beetrootandblusher - International Woman's Day - Slimming World Blog

What an inspiring group! We bet you’ll find loads more inspiring women (and some marvellous men, too!) who are ready to spur you on to smash your weight loss goals, both in your local group and on Slimming World Online. All you have to do is go for it!

Whether it’s your wife, sister, friend, colleague or Consultant – if there’s an extra-special woman who has inspired you to slimming success, we’d love to share their story on the blog or on social using #theSlimmingWorldblog. And be sure to check back here in Men’s Health Week for our celebration of the guys in group!

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