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If the return of Strictly has given you a dose of dance fever, Slimming World’s Body Magic activity programme can help you spin, swivel and shake into shape – and score plenty of points for your health and weight loss.

Dancing gets your heart pumping, your big muscles working and can improve balance and flexibility. It’s also great for getting those endorphins flowing and boosting your mood. And whether your footwork’s already pretty fancy or you just enjoy kicking up your heels in the kitchen, there are dance-inspired classes for all fitness levels and abilities.

From Zumba and clubbercise to ballroom and ballet, our guide will help you take that first (quick!) step and find your move groove…

If you’d like support to get active at your pace, your local Slimming World Consultant will be happy to tell you more about our Body Magic activity programme.

Pole dancing

Great for flexibility and posture, pole dancing is also terrific for sculpting your body. Classes are done wearing shorts and vests, and high heels are definitely not essential!

Fraser hanging horizontally on pole-5 ways activity can reduce stress-slimming world blog

Losing weight gave Fraser (@fraser_slimmingworld) the confidence to try a pole-dancing class, and he couldn’t wait to get back into the swing of moving more after a few weeks off. He says: “So glad I was able to get back to pole last week. The crew are all so supportive and encouraging (even when I’m moaning about my skin hurting 😂).”


Exhilarating, easy-to-follow dance steps to Latin-infused music makes Zumba a fun-filled experience that burns loads of energy, gets your heart beating faster and tones your body, too. Mambo and cha-cha form the basis of most routines, but this workout also weaves in elements of salsa, samba, flamenco and meringue and more.

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Boogie Bounce

Ideal for beginners, Boogie Bounce uses a mini trampoline with a safety bar to lessen the impact on your joints as you jump, twist and twirl your way through a routine. And because the emphasis is on having a good time, there’s no need to worry about keeping up with the instructor if you’re new to activity.


Blending dance with Pilates, yoga, kick-boxing and strength training, Jazzercise is an amazing all-round workout. Most instructors offer a range of classes, with some more focused on cardio and others centred around building and toning muscles, so it’s a fantastic option if you like to mix things up.

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This could be the fitness fit for you if you fancy bringing night-out vibes to your workout… Clubbercise classes are held in darkened rooms with flashing disco lights, glow sticks and a soundtrack of banging 90s dance anthems. The routines are easy to follow and, best of all, because it’s so dark, you really can dance like no one’s watching you.

Sophie before and after stitch showing weight loss transformation, wearing black vest and leggings and holding clubbercise glowsticks

After seeing her fellow members moving more in her Slimming World group, Sophie (@slimming_soph_swjourney) decided to give clubbercise classes a go and she’s never looked back.

Latin and ballroom

Waltz, samba, foxtrot, tango… There are so many styles to try and classes cater for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Latin and ballroom dances are also relatively easy on the joints and fab for strengthening muscles and toning your body. Fake tan and feathers are optional!

Ballet and tap

You don’t have to be a five year old in a tutu or tap shoes to give these classic disciplines a go. Many dance schools offer adult classes where you can perfect your pirouette or step-tap sequence, strengthening and toning as you bend at the barre or shuffle along the stage.

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Street dance

Whether you’re popping, toprocking or hip-hopping, this urban style is lively, energising and it will get your heart, lungs and muscles working. Because street dance is a catch-all term for a variety of moves and music styles, there’s plenty of choice if you like to change up your moves from time to time. Most classes are open to breakdance beginners, too, and will help to build your confidence and skills until you’re locking it like Beyoncé.

Emily holding her street dance medal, wearing camouflage jumper and headband

Losing weight with Slimming World, and the support she found in her group, gave Emily (@slimwithemily_slimmingworld) the confidence to sign up for a street dance class and she recently competed with her crew to win her first medal.

She says: “My midlife crisis has been dying my hair and taking part in fab Body Magic – street dance!! I never competed with dance as a child, so this was a first. Not bad for a 42 year old. 😃”

Dancing at home

If a class just isn’t your scene, you can still get your groove on at home. You’ll find lots of free routines and tutorials online, or you could just whack on your favourite tracks and freestyle your way to a fitter, healthier you!

Body Magic is all about going at your own pace – whatever your current level of fitness – and even five minutes of dancing is enough to help you start forming those active habits that will lead to lifelong health and slimming success.

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