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What does being active mean to you? Is it the ability to run a marathon? Or to spend your weekends hiking with friends? Or would you simply like more energy to play with your children?

Whatever you’d love to achieve on your activity journey, we can help you get there. Our Body Magic programme gives you a personalised plan to help you build up your fitness levels at your own pace while doing the activities you really enjoy.

These four inspirational Slimming World members found that making small, gradual steps gave them the fitness level they needed to chase their activity dreams – and the confidence to make them a reality.

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“Running helped me through the darkest time”

Ben Body Magic goals

As well as stronger muscles, a more toned body and improved physical health, regular activity is magic for your mental wellbeing. Since he started his activity journey a year ago, Ben (@stoneyruns) has felt less anxious and his confidence has never been higher. He says:

“12 months ago, I was out of shape and mentally I was in a bad way. Totally stuck in a rut, so often unhappy, suffering a crisis of confidence and crippling anxiety. Then I made a choice to change things. Walking kick-started my journey to a better self.

In that 12 months I’ve already achieved things I didn’t think possible. First half-marathon on Sunday. Manchester Marathon in April. I’ve so much more I want to achieve, still trying to kick the bad days and cope with them better, and I definitely am.

Keep doing what you love to do, never give up, and chase the goals you have. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t, and your only opponent is yourself.”

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“I never knew exercise could be fun!”

Mud run Body Magic goals

Setting yourself a challenge, such as getting fitter for an event or aiming for a goal distance, can be a great motivator when you’re starting out. Stephanie (@slim.with.steph) recently took part in her first mud run – and enjoyed it so much, she can’t wait to do another one! She says:

“I’m not going to lie, at one point I wanted to cry ‘running is boring!’. But the obstacles and mud made it so much fun and broke up the running a bit. We did run it, though, and I am very proud of us all 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.”

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“I’m the energetic dad I always wanted to be”

Dave Winchester Body Magic goals

Dave’s dream was to be a fit, active dad to his two children, but constant pain in his back and joints held him back. Now, after losing more than half his body weight, he’s enjoying having fun with his family – and he’s been crowned our Man of the Year 2022. He says:

“The big turning point for me was my father-in-law’s funeral, when my mother-in-law told me that his dying wish was for me to join Slimming World. I knew he wanted the best for my wife, Susie, and our two children, Heidi, seven, and Freddie, four, so I decided to tackle my weight once and for all. 

After a few months, I was slimmer and my energy levels were much higher. I learnt about Body Magic in group and it made me wonder how I could get back to the more active lifestyle I’d enjoyed when I was younger.

I built up my activity at my own pace, and in time I got rid of our second car because I found it simpler to walk or cycle to wherever I needed to be. It’s crazy to think I once avoided driving because my stomach got in the way of the steering wheel, and now I avoid it because I’d rather be on my bike! 

By far the best thing about losing weight is the way it’s improved my family life. I can be active and have fun with the kids, taking them swimming and for bike rides. Heidi and I went to a Parkrun together recently, and she absolutely loved it. There’s no way I could have done something like that with her before I lost weight – back then, I barely had the energy to play at all.”

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“I’m reaching new heights after losing 7½st”

Mountain climbing Body Magic goals

At his biggest, Aaron (@aaron_weightloss) often felt out of breath while climbing a flight of stairs. Now, he’s lost 7st 11lbs, and he recently climbed to the top of Mount Snowdon. He says:

“I cried at the top, as I was overwhelmed with what I’d managed to achieve in the 32 weeks since I joined Slimming World.

Looking back to that day, I would never have believed that I could lose 7st 11lbs, nor would I believe I could summit a mountain.”

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If you’d love to get more active, but don’t know where to start, Slimming World’s Body Magic programme can help. Our unique activity plan is designed to help you overcome your personal obstacles to exercise and gradually make activity part of your lifestyle, whatever your weight, age or fitness level. You’ll also get access to our full get-fit tool kit, which includes:

  • more than 60 on-demand activity videos, with workouts for every ability 
  • easy-to-follow exercise guides and activity ideas 
  • an online activity tracker, so you can chart your progress towards your next Body Magic award 
  • the FIT log tool, to help you identify any barriers and put strategies in place  
  • exclusive fitness-themed podcast episodes
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