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Have you ever wondered what being a self-employed Slimming World Consultant actually involves? Maybe you’d like to know whether this flexible role could work for you? We spoke to Consultant Clare, to see how she fits supporting her members around her family commitments – and enjoys the best of both worlds! 

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Clare’s story 

“I joined Slimming World after having my fourth child and was immediately blown away by how easy it was to follow the plan. I could eat all the foods that I enjoyed – including chips, cheese and gravy, comforting mac and cheese, and roast dinners – I just learned to cook them in a healthier way. I cut down on the amount of oil I was using, switched to lean cuts of meat and added plenty of fresh veg to my plate. In my first week as a member I lost 8 ½lbs and that’s when I realised that I’d found a way to lose weight that really worked. 

I’d lost a stone as a Slimming World member when the local Team Developer, Nicci, came to speak to our group about becoming a self-employed Slimming World Consultant. I thought of all the school plays and sports days I’d had to miss for the eldest of my four children, Bryn, and how being my own boss might mean I could spend more time with my family, and avoid expensive childcare costs. I decided not to return to my job in customer services and instead, I interviewed at Slimming World – and was successful! 

Clare Caswell and family

At head office, I was trained in every aspect of my new role – from how to promote my group, to the science and psychology of behaviour change that would help my members reach their goals. After I launched my group in 2018, the support and advice continued. I’ll always remember this absolute gem from Nicci: ‘Be curious.’ It made me think about the deeper questions I could ask my members to help them better understand their individual needs and motivations.  

Being a Consultant gives so much back – it’s amazing to know that I help people to feel the same joy I did when I got my amazing first-week weight loss. It’s about so much more than the scales, though… I felt every ounce of the support my Consultant Penny gave me, and now I’m using my own experience of losing 4st – along with my training – to help my members make their own breakthroughs and work out what’s been holding them back.  

It’s fantastic having a fulfilling role and helping others – and I really love that I no longer have to miss out as a mum. Not only do I never have to skip a sports day, I’m fit and confident enough to join in the fun!  

I couldn’t be there for my kids as much before, but now I have the flexibility to fit running my own business around my life.” 

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Could you be a Slimming World Consultant like Clare? 

We’re always looking for caring and committed people to run their own Slimming World groups. Could you help to transform lives and make weight loss dreams come true? 

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