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Losing weight is no easy task, and it can be even more challenging when you’re a man, because sometimes it feels like we live in a culture that actively discourages men from tackling their weight. Slimming World’s Machobesity Report revealed that men are encouraged to see fatty foods and beer as ‘manly’ and attempts to lose weight as ‘feminine’.  

With so much conflicting advice out there, it’s no wonder some men think Slimming World won’t work for them. In fact, our research shows that men can actually lose weight faster than women when they join their local group! 

It’s not just for girls… 

In our recent research*, the most common concerns and misconceptions men had about joining a weight loss club – before they joined Slimming World – were that it would be: 

  • aimed at women 
  • complicated 
  • strict 
  • cliquey 
  • restrictive 
  • controlling 

As our 30,000 male slimmers will tell you, that isn’t the case! Men soon see that everyone in group has been through the same struggles and experiences and want to support each other on their weight loss journeys. So, male or female, you never feel alone. 

Within six weeks of joining Slimming World, and discovering the positive power of being part of a like-minded group, 92% of those same men told us they’d recommend Slimming World to a friend or colleague. 

Vincent Taylor was sceptical about joining Slimming World, but after his weight loss surgery failed he decided to go for it – and now he’s 8st lighter. He says: ‘I was nervous about joining – I felt embarrassed, thinking, “Blokes don’t do this”. I couldn’t have been more wrong, though. My Consultant made me feel so welcome and, to my surprise, it was great! We all had a good laugh, and I wasn’t the only man there.’ 

Read Vincent’s full story here 

Men want to improve their health and fitness – and, at Slimming World, they do! 

An overwhelming majority – 90% – of the men surveyed said they wanted to lose weight to improve their health. Just 21% rated their health good, very good or excellent before joining Slimming World, but that rating rose to 81% after they became members! Plus, the men said they had more energy and felt stronger and more enthusiastic, proud, inspired and determined. 

Almost two-thirds of the members and potential members we surveyed told us they wanted to improve their fitness, too. 

Our unique physical activity programme, Body Magic, helps to get members moving more and feeling fitter. Just over half the men who took part in our research were doing more than 30 minutes of activity every week before they joined Slimming World. That increased to 89% after they became members. 

Ryan Money has lost 17st with Slimming World, halving his body weight in less than two years. He’s now fighting fit (literally, thanks to his new shadow-boxing hobby!) and full of energy, making his job on a building site so much easier.  

Read Ryan’s story here 

Slimming World men have more confidence and more energy (and more sex!) 

Just over half (58%) of the men surveyed said they wanted to lose weight to feel fitter, while 29% said they wanted to feel more attractive and more confident… and Slimming World delivered! 

Our survey showed that after losing weight with Slimming World, men felt more energetic, happier with their physique and more confident to have sex. In fact, they have more sex since joining Slimming World! 

Slimming World men lose more weight than women, dramatically improve their physical and mental health, boost their energy and get fitter! It’s no surprise, then, that 92% say they’d recommend Slimming World.  

Slimming World support – tailored to you 

If you want to lose weight, we’ll support you all the way to feeling fitter, stronger, and full of confidence. With more than 50 years of experience and expertise in weight loss success, we can arm you with all the tools and know-how you need to make lasting lifestyle changes while eating the foods you love and never going hungry. 

Find your nearest Slimming World group here 

Discover our digital-only service, Slimming World Online 

*The workplace virtual pilot study: A Partnership pilot study, conducted in 2020, involved a small number of men who were invited to attend a bespoke virtual Slimming World group (consisting of six sessions over six weeks, with the option to continue for a further 12 weeks, either online or in group) via their workplace (Transport for London/Govia Thameslink Railway). Weight outcomes were assessed and the men completed a short survey at the end of the pilot. 

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