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At Slimming World, we’ve always known that – as well as a flexible healthy eating plan – being part of a supportive community is vital to your weight loss success. And our research proves it!

That’s why members of our digital-only service, Slimming World Online, get unlimited access to their very own online Community. Whether you want to share recipe ideas, find solutions for challenging times or celebrate your achievements, you’ll find thousands of like-minded slimmers who understand and genuinely care about your success.

Here’s a taste of what our members have been sharing this week…

Unbeatable weight loss support

Losing weight is never plain sailing,  even with a plan as simple and flexible as Food Optimising. At Slimming World Online, you’ll receive expert support – tailored to you – after every weigh-in to help you achieve the losses you’d love. Your friends in our Community are also always on hand to offer encouragement when you need it most. When Sarah’s weight loss stalled, the support of her fellow members helped her get things moving in the right direction again. She says:

“Thank you to everyone who replied to my post last week with advice and support 🙂. If you remember, I was a bit down as I had stayed the same and was working away last week with little control over meals. Well, despite the odds I lost 2lbs!!

“I kept up my early morning run or walk, stuck to fruit, yogurt and boiled eggs for breakfast, ate fruit as a mid morning snack and didn’t drink any alcohol (but then enjoyed really lovely lunches and evening meals but keeping away from the sweet stuff!!). Thanks again🙂.”

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Share plates with your mates

Slimming World Online members have access to more than 1,900 recipes on our website and app – including vegan, gluten-free and options to suit almost any dietary need. On top of all that, our Community is a great place to see what your fellow slimmers are cooking so you can pick up fresh ideas for your menu. Aims76 made a batch of mushroom risotto in the slow cooker, with tasty results…

“First time ever making risotto, and first time ever eating risotto. Followed the recipe on the app, threw it all in the slow cooker and came back 3 hours later 🤣 Too hot to be in the kitchen cooking. It tasted lovely 😋 And of course the recipe made enough to feed the whole street so that’s my lunch sorted for the next few days 🤣 A quick, easy, tasty recipe 👍🏼.”

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Let’s get physical

Slimming World's Gold Body Magic award

If you’re looking to get more active, Slimming World Online members can join Community groups dedicated to our unique physical activity support programme, Body Magic. It’s a great place to share your success and get support from members who know how you’re feeling. Choose from the ‘Starting to get active’ or ‘Already active’ groups to connect with slimmers who are at a similar stage of their activity journey.

ClaireL100 recently achieved her Gold Body Magic award and she couldn’t wait to share it with her friends in our Community. She says:

“I never imagined someone like me could achieve Gold. I certainly don’t look like I do much activity! I started my journey needing to lose more than half my body weight. I’ve lost just over 14% so far.

“There’s still such a long way to go, but my joints already feel better (they still protest loudly after a long walk!) and I can get up the stairs without my heart pounding out of my chest. My smartwatch shows my resting heart rate has reduced by 17 BPM. I’m going to head off to bed now feeling pretty darn proud of myself.”
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Off-the-scale celebrations

Slimming World Online member Mich sky diving

At Slimming World, we know that losing weight is about so much more than the number on the scales – it’s about the difference it makes to your health, confidence and lifestyle, too. That’s why we love seeing our members sharing their non-scale victories in our Community, like this inspiring post from Mich2023…

“Having lost weight many times before, I rejoined on 1st January 2023. I have been on holiday for the last two weeks and had a gain, but I’m not worried as I know it will come off again soon. Being 3 stone 3 lb lighter finally gave me the confidence to fulfil a dream to skydive 15,000 ft. Considering I have rheumatoid arthritis and last year I fractured my neck, I’m feeling very proud of myself.”

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Unmissable live events

The Community feeling doesn’t stop at our online chat! Slimming World Online members can join virtual live events designed to help with their weight loss. These fun and fast-paced sessions cover all sorts of topics, from recipe ideas and budget hacks to dealing with tricky situations and the psychology of slimming – and they’re all included in your membership. Louise regularly attends our events and says they’ve helped her understand herself better as a slimmer:

“Brilliant event this morning on Zoom. ‘A voyage of self discovery’. Thank you to the ladies who hosted, it was so helpful! I love these online events, you can watch them live or watch the recording later on. I get so much out of learning about the psychological aspects of slimming and finding out how to use them to change our behaviour. I’m super grateful for online events as I have chronic pain and don’t get out much, thank you Slimming World for doing so much online ❤️ I’m about 14 months in and I’ve lost 3 and a half stone 💃.”

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