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There’s a lot of reasons to love your slow cooker at this time of year. They’re brilliant for busy days, as you can throw the ingredients in and let the slow-cooker do the work! And they can also save you money because they use less energy than an oven, are perfect for batch cooking and work well with store cupboard staples.

Best of all, many of our slow cooker recipes are packed with satisfying Free Foods – including meat, potatoes, vegetables and pulses – so they fit perfectly into the Slimming World plan.

If you’d like to use your slow cooker more this winter, you’ll find plenty of Slimming World recipes that can all be easily adapted. From satisfying stews to delicious soups, you can slow-cook your way through snuggly season!

Slimming World slow cooker recipes

Sausage casserole

Many Food Optimising casseroles and stews are perfect for the slow cooker – simply slow-cook until the meat is fully cooked (8 hours on Low should do the trick).

If you’re looking for a vegetarian Slimming World slow cooker recipe, replace the sausages with your favourite meat-free sausages.

Diet cola gammon

You might have heard of diet cola chicken, but have you tried diet cola gammon? Slow-cooking your gammon in diet cola makes it extra succulent, with the perfect balance of sweet and salty. It’s packed with flavour and so tender it’ll fall off your fork!

Chilli con carne

slow cooker chilli

An easy chilli con carne makes a great midweek meal – and it tastes even better when it’s made in the slow cooker

Lancashire hotpot

Slow cooked Lancashire hotpot - Slimming World slow cooker recipes

One of the joys of slow-cooking is that it guarantees soft, succulent meat. This classic casserole is the perfect choice when only meat and potatoes will do.

Chicken casserole – 2 ways

Slimming World slow cooker casserole

This comforting chicken casserole is perfect served with mash and veg – and the leftovers can be used to make a tempting chicken and bacon tettrazini. Double bubble without the trouble! 

Leek and potato soup

Leek and potato Slimming World soup in turquoise bowl and plate with a silver spoon on the side

Soup is hard to beat on a blustery day. You can make this comforting classic in your slow cooker by cooking all of the ingredients on Low for at least four hours, then blitzing the soup with a stick blender before serving.

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Slow cooker rice pudding – 3 ways

Slimming World slow cooker rice pudding three ways

This easy rice pudding recipe is made in your slow cooker – so it can be simmering away while you get on with your day!

Exclusive for members

If you’re looking for more Slimming World slow-cooker recipes, you’ll find a full selection on the member website and app – as well as 2,000 recipes, weight loss strategies and motivational features to keep your slimming goals on track.

Member-exclusive recipes:
Slow-cooked spiced beef
Slow-cooked gammon with cider
Slow cooker lentil and winter veg stew
Slow-cooked Quorn sausage and bean casserole

*Watch out for spice/seasoning blends that have added ingredients (like sugar, oil or starch). To protect your weight loss, count ½ Syn per level tsp/1½ Syns per level tbsp.

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