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We’re almost there… Christmas Eve is on the horizon and hopefully you’re looking forward to some festive fun and relaxation. Whatever your plans, making time for yourself is important – and these 12 ‘yays ’will help you see out 2023 in slimming style. 

Yay 1! Your day, your way 

Sometimes the ones you love can – with the best of intentions – sabotage your slimming plans, usually because they want to make sure you’re enjoying yourself. Let them know you’ll have an even better time if they understand what your weight loss means to you – and that, while a Food Optimising Christmas absolutely involves throwing yourself into the celebrations, you’ll be making small changes to support your slimming. 

Slimming World members will find everything they need to stay on track and sleigh those slimming goals in our Weight Loss Wonderland article.

Yay 2! A delicious Christmas dinner 

With Slimming World, you most definitely can tuck into a traditional turkey dinner and still lose weight. Lean meats, skinless poultry, potatoes and veg are all Free Foods on the Slimming World plan – meaning you can eat until you’re satisfied, with no worries about weighing or measuring. We’ve even got Free recipes for stuffing and pigs in blankets! If you fancy other sides and sauces (maybe a Yorkshire pudding or two?), our member-exclusive app is full of seasonal recipe ideas.  

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Yay 3! Everything’s on the table 

 We all have our non-negotiables at this time of year. Food Optimising is designed to be flexible, so if you want to use goose fat for your roasties or enjoy a snowball or two, you can! The joy of the Slimming World plan is that it includes Syns, so you can plan in and savour tasty treats without scuppering your weight loss. 

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Yay 4! It’s game time 

Games that get you up and out of your chair (Charades, anyone?) are great for breaking up the time spent relaxing in front of those Christmas movies and specials. In fact, sitting still less is one of Slimming World’s five active habits, so whether or not your team triumphs, it’s definitely a win for your health! 

Discover our five active habits, plus ideas for fitting them into your week 

Yay 5! Christmas catch-ups 

Feeling connected to others is especially important at this time of year, and making time to see friends and family can give you a wellbeing boost. We’d love to welcome you to a friendly Slimming World group, where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people who are ready to share challenges and offer support. 

Get in touch with your local Consultant 

Yay 6! Fun winter activities  

Whether it’s a spin around an outdoor ice rink or a snowball fight in the garden, all activity counts at Slimming World, so choose to do the things you love!  

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Yay 7! Mulled wine 

It’s warming, it tastes of Christmas… it’s the perfect festive drink! 

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Yay 8! Pick ’n’ mix 

We all deserve a sweet treat at Christmas – and the Food Search tool on the member app and website makes it super-easy to see how your favourites fit into the Food Optimising plan.  

Try our party popcorn, three ways!

Elevate sweet or salted popcorn with pomegranate seeds and choc chips, roughly chopped pistachios or mini marshmallows and a sprinkling of ground cinnamon. Slimming World members will find Syn values on our 17 festive nibbles article.

Yay 9! Traditional Christmas walks 

Whether you’re walking off your turkey dinner or blowing away the Boxing Day cobwebs, a brisk winter stroll is a lovely way to get moving with family or friends. Take excited little ones or four-legged friends to the park to burn off some energy, wrap up for a romantic stroll or meet a mate for a walk and talk. 

Yay 10! Getting fruity is good for you 

Our strawberry, melon, grape and kiwi Christmas tree makes a spectacular centrepiece for parties… Or were you thinking of something else? All activity counts, remember! 😉  

Yay 11! You’re not alone 

Slimming World members can bank on year-round support and our handy app to help them navigate potential weight loss pitfalls. Groups don’t close over Christmas (your local Consultant will let you know of any changes to opening times) and our Community is there for Slimming World Online members 24/7. So whatever hurdles you’re facing or ideas you’re looking for, you’ll have access to expert advice and tried-and-tested strategies that work in the real world.  

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Yay 12! Remember, it’s just one day 

So, what happens if your best-laid plans go awry the moment someone cracks open the Buck’s Fizz? This is the time to be kind to yourself, as a single day of indulgence isn’t going to stop you from achieving your weight loss goals. Simply draw a line under it and go back to Food Optimising the next day.  

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