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Being active  can definitely feel like more of a challenge at this time of year, but it’s one of the best ways to blow away the cobwebs, feel more energised and boost your mood during the colder, darker months.

Here are 10 ideas to get you moving come wind, rain or snow – how many will you tick off?

Yes you can at Christmas with Slimming World.

10. Musical chores

Vigorous cleaning counts as moderate-intensity activity, and music encourages us get moving. So crank up your favourite playlist to speed up your heart rate – and the housework! Slimming World Consultant Kerry gets a fantastic workout by keeping her group venue spick and span.

Consultant Kerry hoovering

9. Into the woods

A trip to a local woodland is always a hit with little ones, plus you can turn it into a scavenger hunt by seeing who can collect the best-looking pine cones.

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8. Ad-break blitz

Use the adverts to reduce the time you spend sitting down. You could offer to make everyone a cuppa, have a quick walk up and down the stairs or set yourself a challenge, like seeing how many lunges you can do before your show restarts.

7. Run for it

Search online for charity fun runs and walks near you – they’re great for getting the whole family moving. You could also download the Couch to 5K app – it’s designed to turn absolute beginners into confident runners in just nine weeks.

Slimming World Consultant and target member Lesley keeps herself nice and warm on winter weekends by pulling on her Slimming World Christmas jumper doing Parkruns!

Consultant Lesley going for a run

6. ’Tis the season to shop

Whether you’re hunting for presents, taking advantage of the sales or getting food supplies in, carrying heavy bags of shopping is great exercise, because lifting any kind of weight creates resistance and makes your muscles work harder.

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5. Let the indoor-phins flow!

Gyms are often quietest in December, so you can build up your confidence before the New Year’s resolution crowd arrives. If you’d rather work out at home, there’s a wide variety of free videos online.

Did you know…? Our members have access to 90 fun, easy-to-follow activity videos as part of their membership.

4. Walk and talk

Heading out for a brisk walk can help you to feel more positive and, according to the National Trust, 70% of families say it’s their top way to spend time together.

Did you know…? Lots of Slimming World members have discovered the benefits of walking through our 15- and 30-minute guided audio walks series

3. Strut your stuff

Take inspiration from Strictly Come Dancing and hit the dance floor (or your kitchen disco)! Dancing is one of the best activities for your overall health, too. It counts as cardio, helps break up long periods of sitting, improves balance and flexibility, and strengthens muscles – that’s four of our five active habits ticked off in one go!

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2. Strike a pose

Yoga uses your own body weight, so it counts as strength training, and it’s also a brilliant way to de-stress. You’ll find short yoga videos online or, if you’re a Slimming World member, you can pop one of our balance and flexibility workouts on, to quickly feel calmer and in control.

1. Get your skates on

Ice-skating is a great option if you want to fit in some fitness and spend time as a family. Many town centres and Christmas markets have ice rinks over the winter months, or you can search for one near you online. Slimming World member Stacy took her son skating during an action-packed visit to a winter wonderland experience.

Slimming World member Stacy Ice Skating

Tune into the Slimming World Podcast

Join hosts Anna and Clare on a wintry stroll as they share lots of bite-size activity ideas to help keep your move-groove going strong until Santa calls!

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