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While we’ve loved seeing lots of our members enjoying daily walks and home workouts, for some, lockdown has made it more of a challenge to be active. That’s why we’re really excited to see that the restrictions on sports and recreational activities are beginning to lift, opening up lots of exercise options!

Many of our members are looking forward to returning to a favourite game or activity – or giving something new a go. If you’d like to move more this spring, then we’ve got lots of top tips and ideas to help you get started.

If there are still restrictions in place where you live, we have plenty of ideas for other activities you can try, including a 10-minute workout, at-home activity ideas and a beginners’ guide to jogging

Tips for trying a new activity

  • If you’re new to exercise, it’s best to start slowly. The first step is to move a little bit more than usual – even if that’s 5-10 minutes of gentle activity a day.
  • Doing something you enjoy will make it much more likely that you’ll want to keep doing it. If you try a sport or activity and it’s not for you, don’t be put off – just give something else a go instead.
  • Exercise doesn’t have to leave you exhausted and dripping with sweat! If it makes you breathe faster, feel warmer and increases your heart rate, then it’ll give your health and wellbeing a boost!
  • Doing something regularly is the key to making it a lasting habit. Joining a sports team, booking a court in advance or making arrangements to exercise with a friend (where restrictions allow) are great ways to lock in that regular commitment.
  • Don’t worry about what you wear. There’s no need to kit yourself out in expensive sports gear, feeling comfortable is the most important thing.
  • If you’d like to try an activity that requires specific equipment, ask the facility if there’s a hire option available. You can always invest later if you decide that it’s the sport for you.

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Slimming World members get moving!

Get your kicks

If formally organised outdoor sport (following Covid-secure guidance) has been given the green light where you live, then joining a sports team is a fantastic way to boost motivation and make a commitment to getting active. And you don’t have to take it too seriously – there are plenty of amateur teams who have a ‘just for fun’ approach to playing.  

Ellen (@slimmingworld_ells) couldn’t wait to get back to training and playing with her local football team. She says:

“Football is back! It’s like Christmas day! So excited to get back on the pitch!”

Slimming World member football

Family time

Playing sports with the kids is a great opportunity to get them enjoying being active. If indoor facilities near you have re-opened, then now’s the ideal time to try an activity together.

Jo (@jo_sw_mission), who’s lost 4st 9½lbs with Slimming World, took her tribe to the local leisure centre for a good-humoured game of badminton.

Slimming World member playing badminton

Make a splash

When water sports facilities re-open, it puts things like kayaking, sailing and paddle boarding back on the Body Magic menu. 

Slimming World members Ben and Chloe (@benandchloe_fitnessjourney) combined a stand-up paddle-boarding session with a very cold swim – an invigorating way to get active, if you’re brrr-ave enough!

Slimming World member paddleboarding

Something different

Outdoor sports facilities, including golf courses, sports courts, riding centres and water sports venues are now open in some areas, so even if you don’t think of yourself as a ‘sporty’ person, there are lots of ways to get active that mean moving more while enjoying yourself.

If you’d like to start off with something that’s not hugely strenuous, a round of golf will help you clock up plenty of steps and give those muscles a gentle workout. Or, go for something really different like our member Jo who combined football and golf for a fun game of foot golf!

Slimming World member playing footgolf

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*If you’re planning to start a new exercise programme, we recommend you check with your GP first – especially if you have an existing health condition, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma. If you’re pregnant, check the suitability of the exercise with your midwife. 

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