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The London Marathon is less than a month away, and here at Slimming World, we’re gearing up to cheer on our extra-special team of runners. Our inspiring and dedicated group of members and Consultants have lost more than 24st between them and they’re lacing up their trainers to celebrate their weight loss successes. On top of that, they’ll be raising money for two very worthwhile charities, Cancer Research UK and the Irish Cancer Society through Slimming World’s own charity, SMILES.

We’re so proud of our marathon team that we wanted to shine a light on their achievements ahead of the main event. Here are some of the sensational slimmers who’ll be limbering up for #SWTeam2021  – and come back to the blog later this month to discover the fantastic members who’ll be joining them at the start line on Sunday 3rd October 2021…

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“I’m in control of my type 2 diabetes”

“I remember going to see a GP with my mum when I was just 10 years old. She asked him if there was anything he could do to help me lose weight. Once I realised Mum was worried, I became really self-conscious about my eating habits. I started snacking in secret, taking big slices of cake up to my room after school. Over the years, I comfort ate my way to over 20st. I found it so difficult climbing the stairs at home that I kept a basket at the bottom so that I only had to make one trip up a day.

Maria 11st weight loss comparison-London Marathon 2021-slimming world blog

“My turning point came when I bent down to tie my shoelaces and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. By then, I had two daughters and it dawned on me that I might never see them get married or have children if I didn’t tackle my weight worries. I joined my local Slimming World group and my transformation since then says it all… I’ve lost 11st 10lbs, I no longer need to take medication for type 2 diabetes and I’ve well and truly caught the exercise bug. I run a lot and I know my daughters will be so proud when they see me cross that finish line – I can’t wait!”

Slimming World Consultant Maria Bullock, 55, has lost 11st 10lbs. She lives in and runs groups in Derby.

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“I never dreamed I’d call myself a runner”

“As a child, I used to love playing sports, but as I got older I became increasingly self-conscious about my size and eventually stopped taking part in activity altogether. My weight continued to creep up and, by the time I was 33, I weighed 18st 1½lbs. When I got engaged to my now-husband, I was determined to wear the dress of my dreams on our big day, so I joined Slimming World.

Jennifer 7st weight loss comparison-London Marathon 2021-slimming world blog

“I discovered I could make simple, healthy swaps – like switching sugary cereal, pizza and chocolate for filling Food Optimising meals made from scratch, like chicken curry, five bean chilli and my favourite, tuna pasta bake. With the support of my Slimming World Consultant and the other members in group, I lost 7st 4lbs and found the confidence to get active again. I started out with cycling and taking my three children to a trampoline park, and then I tried running and immediately fell in love with it. Working for the NHS Commissioning Service, I’ve seen first-hand how cancer affects people’s lives, so I’m incredibly proud to be raising money for Cancer Research UK.”

Jennifer Gammack, 41, has lost 7st 4lbs and lives in Wigan. She attends the Golborne group in Greater Manchester.

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“I’ve swapped my inhaler for running shoes!”

“I joined Slimming World because I was determined to look my best at my eldest daughter’s wedding. I was really looking forward to walking her down the aisle and I knew I wanted to feel slim, fit and confident by her side. I really enjoyed listening to the discussions at my Slimming World group. With the support of my Consultant, I discovered so much about myself – about what, when and why I was eating. Filling up on Food Optimising meals made with Free Foods, like pasta, rice and potatoes, meant I was no longer tempted by takeaways on my way home from work.

Scott 6st weight loss comparison-London Marathon 2021-slimming world blog

“I lost more than 6st and I decided to take up running to help me maintain my weight loss. I downloaded the Couch to 5K app and gradually built up the distances I could manage. With the encouragement of my group, I carried on running further and faster than I’d ever thought possible at my biggest – I even added a Pilates class and some cardio sessions in the gym as my confidence grew! Now, my health has improved so much, I no longer need to use my asthma inhaler, and I’m excited to celebrate how far I’ve come by running the London Marathon.”

Member Scott Ufton, 50, has lost 6st 3½lbs and lives in Nottingham. He attends the Eastwood group.

You can sponsor the Slimming World London Marathon 2021 team by visiting our JustGiving page here.

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