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This Saturday is St George’s Day – a day to celebrate England’s famous dragon-slaying saint in all his glory! At Slimming World, we think there’s no better way to mark the occasion than by serving up a feast of traditional dishes. Whether you fancy a hearty toad in the hole or a comforting pud, you can enjoy all of your familiar favourites, feel fantastically full and satisfied, and still lose weight. Here are six delicious dishes, all of which fit perfectly into our Food Optimising plan…

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Satisfying starters

Roasted tomato soup

Kick off your special meal with a bowl of intensely tomatoey soup. A classic crowd-pleasing choice.

Cod and minted pea fish cakes

Bring a taste of the seaside chippy home. The minted peas add a real flavour punch!

Mouth-watering mains

Toad in the hole

Juicy sausages nestled inside Slimming World Yorkshire pudding, with onion rings on top? We call that a guaranteed dinnertime hole in one!

Eat better, with your family

These six dishes are traditional favourites that everyone will love – so no need to cook seperate meals – and you can rest assured that your family will be eating well while enjoying meals that fit into the Food Optimising plan.

In a study comparing Slimming World members to the general population, they were, on average, found to:

  • meet the recommended calcium intake
  • eat more fibre
  • consume less salt, sugar, fat and saturated fat
  • eat more than the recommended five portions of fruit and veg each day… easy when it’s Free Food!

Lentil shepherd’s pie

A vegetarian twist on the ultimate comfort food, this Syn free pie is a fail-safe family-pleaser. It’s a great way to use up that bag or can of lentils in your cupboard, too.

Delicious desserts

Individual rhubarb and ginger crumbles

Who doesn’t love a crumble? Rhubarb is an English favourite – and adding ginger takes the flavour to the next level.

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Apple Betty

Tender apples and sultanas with warming cinnamon and vanilla… you can enjoy an indulgent dessert and still lose weight with Slimming World!

St George’s Day is the perfect excuse to cook up some tasty traditional recipes. Slimming World members have access to more than 1,700 recipes on the website and app, including plenty of home-grown classics plus examples of cuisine from all around the world! You can find out more about joining Slimming World here.

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