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A takeaway doesn’t have to be a special treat or ‘cheat’ meal with Slimming World. Thanks to our mouth-watering menu of fantastic fakeaways, you can have all the taste of a takeout, without taking anything away your weight loss progress. 

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Slimming World chicken tikka curry

Chicken tikka masala is a national favourite, and this Slimming World recipe is completely Free (so there’s no need to worry about weighing, measuring or counting).

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Fish ’n’ chips

Fish, chips and mushy peas - Slimming World Blog

Who’s in the mood for a chippy tea? Cod fillets, potatoes and mushy peas are all Free Foods, meaning you can fill your plate with as much as you fancy. And we cover the fish in a low Syn breadcrumb coating, so you can enjoy this delicious dish while keeping any weight loss worries at bay.

Finger-lickin’ chicken

Southern-fried chicken fakeaway-slimming world blog

If you fancy a fried chicken takeaway, our fakeaway version, with barbecue beans, slaw and fries, should hit the spot. Crispy chicken thighs are smothered in our not-so-secret blend of herbs and spices to bring a bit of slimming-friendly southern comfort to your dinner table.


Slimming World chow mein

Our chicken chow mein recipe combines soft noodles, chicken and stir-fry vegetables to create a Chinese classic. Chopsticks optional!

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Burger and chips


When only the biggest burger will do, bite down on the Big Daddy! It’s two juicy beef burgers, a fried egg and loads of salad in a toasted bun. Serve with Slimming World chips for a burger meal better than you’ll get at any drive-thru.


Slimming World margharita pizza

Enjoy a lighter slice with a home-made Slimming World pizza. You could serve up a simple margherita, or pile your favourite Free Foods high (peppers, mushrooms, lean ham and skinless cooked chicken are all tasty toppings). Serve with sweet potato chips and salad for a substantial slimming supper.

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Browse our full menu of fakeaway recipes – it includes all your favourites, from duck pancakes and Thai curries to peri-peri chicken and pork vindaloo!

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