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If you’re thinking about putting your activity routine into hibernation for the winter, we’re here to help you rediscover your Body Magic mojo. Slimming World members are full of ideas to help you move more over Christmas – with lots of festive fun thrown in.

Adding activity alongside Food Optimising is a fantastic way to support your wellbeing and your weight loss, so here are five of our favourite fitness activities for December, to get you moving towards your Body Magic goals long before Big Ben bongs.

Riding home for Christmas

If making Christmas plans, wrapping presents and doing extra shopping – on top of your usual work and family commitments – have left you feeling more stressed than usual, cycling is a fantastic way to unwind and get moving. Hitting the local trails gave Daniel’s (@danny_mann_sw_lifestyle) mental wellbeing a boost while his area was in a local lockdown.

He says: “It’s a chance to clear the head and get those endorphins pumping around the body, which is such a good feeling… You know you’ve had a good cycle when your bike and your back is blasted in mud!”

Danny with bike-believe in Body Magic this Christmas-slimming world blog

Fitness tip: If you’re a night rider, gear up for safety. Plan your route before you set off, fit your bike with a white light on the front and a red one at the back, make sure you have a rear red reflector and amber pedal reflectors, and wear warm reflective clothing to keep yourself visible.

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Walk and talk

Wrapping up warm, pulling on your wellies and heading out for a post-turkey walk is a well-trodden Christmas tradition for many families – and it’s also great Body Magic in the run-up to Christmas too! Florrie (@floro_sw_mumma) strapped her son into a baby carrier to enjoy a brisk walk through her local park.

She says: “Three hours of walking! We got a bit lost but it was lovely all the same. Blew away the cobwebs and 26k steps. I think I deserve a mince pie? X”

Florence walking in woods-believe in Body Magic this Christmas-slimming world blog

We love this photo sent in by Clinton and Zoe (@TopChefNavarros), who gave their festive decorating an even bigger Body Magic boost by heading to a Christmas tree farm to select their special spruce!

They say: “We booked our slot a few months back and were literally the only ones in the field… it was so nice to be out in the fresh air and to not be thinking about anything else for a little while! We must have walked around for about an hour trying to find the perfect one… all the Body Magic, ah… 😉.”

Zoe and Clinton Navarro-Believe in Body Magic this Christmas-slimming world blog

Fitness tip: On woodland walks, challenge the family to see who can collect the biggest fallen branches, pine cones or holly sprigs. Squatting down to pick them up gives those thigh and bottom muscles an extra workout!

Festive games

You’ll find a range of fitness-themed video games available on most consoles these days, guiding you through everything from yoga classes and strength training to tennis and hula-hooping – perfect if you don’t fancy exercising outside and your gym is closed. Leah (@leahslifejourney) has been working towards her Body Magic awards by doing RingFit sessions – and she’s lost over 2st!

Leah holding games controller-believe in Body Magic this Christmas-slimming world blog

Fitness tip: The beauty of exercising with a games console is that you’re not limited to your usual workouts. Whether you play with members of your household or challenge your friends and family online, a game of bowling or an arcade-style shoot ’em up will raise your heart rate and breathing while you’re having fun.

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Deck the halls

Of course, Body Magic isn’t just about traditional workouts that require Lycra or trainers – you can squeeze activity into your festive decorating, too. From climbing into the loft to fetch your decs and hanging twinkling lights, to spending hours on your feet finding the perfect spot for each bauble, making your home look merry and bright uses up a lot of energy. Especially if you’re like @landm_slimming world, who threw a spot of painting into the mix, too.

They say: “Repainted the living room and had to finish it off with the Christmas tree. Plenty of Body Magic 🤭. We wouldn’t usually put it up so early, but there’s so much gloom and doom and it has really cheered us up. So, to anyone who wants to put it up, just do it 🥰🎄🤶🎅.”

Lauren Christmas decorations-believe in Body Magic this Christmas-slimming world blog

Fitness tip: Whether you’re hanging tinsel or sprucing things up before your guests arrive, cranking up the Christmas songs will help you pick up the pace. As well as speeding up your heart rate and breathing, it’ll help you finish the job faster, too.

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Saddling up, hanging decorations, rocking around your Christmas tree… there are so many ways to sprinkle a little Body Magic over the holidays – and you’ll find even more activity ideas in your local group or on our digital service, Slimming World Online. With our support, there really is nothing stopping you from making Body Magic an enjoyable, healthy habit that’ll stay with you for life.

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