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Adding some physical activity to your Food Optimising week will support your weight loss and your wellbeing through winter, and our unique Body Magic activity programme is totally tailorable to your own likes, lifestyle and level of fitness. Here are some of our members’ favourite activities to do in December… 

Yes you can at Christmas with Slimming World.

Brrr-illiant fun! 

If you’ve ever gone sledging, made a snowman or been involved in a snowball fight, you’ll know that the things we love to do in the snow can give you a glow, no matter how cold your fingers and toes! So make the most of those rare white-outs, pull on your waterproofs and woollies and enjoy working up a thirst for this indulgent hot chocolate.

India Harris Ice Skating in Lapland, Finland

India (@indys_journey_to_target) and her son took advantage of the wintry conditions in Lapland to enjoy skating on real ice!

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Explore the great indoors 

With so many different activity options out there, Body Magic should never be boring – and many of them can be done inside, so they’re ideal when the nights draw in and the weather turns frosty. Think climbing walls, trampoline parks, obstacle courses, bowling alleys, roller rinks… the list goes on and on.

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Walk and talk

Wrapping up warm, pulling on your walking boots and heading out for a brisk post-turkey stroll is a well-trodden Christmas tradition for many families – and it’s a great Body Magic activity in the run-up to the big day, too.

Hayley Lonergan climbing Mount Snowdon

Hayley (@slimmingworldhayley), who’s lost 10st with Slimming World, clocked up more than seven miles on this blustery walk with her husband!

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Deck the halls

Of course, doing Body Magic doesn’t always involve pulling on your trainers or some Lycra – you can squeeze activity into your festive decorating, too. From carrying the tree and those boxes of decs to climbing ladders to hang twinkling lights, making your home look merry and bright can use up a lot of energy.

Slimming World members choosing a Christmas tree

Clinton and Zoe (@TopChefNavarros) turned their annual spruce shopping into a fitness challenge by walking around a huge Christmas tree farm.

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Riding home for Christmas

If all the festive planning, shopping and wrapping – on top of your usual workload and commitments – has left you feeling more stressed than usual, you’re not alone! If you have access to a bike, cycling is a fantastic moderate-intensity activity that’ll blow away the cobwebs and help you unwind for free. 

Aimee Bell Winter Body MAgic

Since joining Slimming World, Aimee (@whataimzeats.sw) has lost 2st 7lbs, and gone from doing no exercise to working out five times a week. Getting on her bike is just one of the ways she fits activity into her busy lifestyle. 

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Active gaming 

There are a range of fitness-themed games available for most consoles, and they can guide you through everything from yoga classes and strength training to tennis and hula-hooping. Leah (@leahslifejourney) has been working towards her Body Magic awards by doing RingFit Adventure sessions.

Leah holding games controller-believe in Body Magic this Christmas-slimming world blog

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Unlock your complete get-fit tool kit

When you join Slimming World, you’ll get access to our full science-backed Body Magic package, which includes: 

  • more than 90 on-demand activity videos, with workouts for every ability   
  • easy-to-follow exercise guides and ideas   
  • an online activity tracker, so you can chart your progress towards the next Body Magic award   
  • the FIT log tool, to help you identify any barriers and put strategies in place    
  • exclusive walking podcasts and fitness-themed podcast episodes   

Find out more about our unique physical activity programme

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