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Just like a new recipe book or a kitchen gadget can get you excited about cooking up a storm, the right fitness kit can fire up your Body Magic motivation – handy if you’re planning to set a New Year activity goal or you want to rediscover your move groove after Christmas.

Add these workout wonders to your wish list and set yourself up for a very merry fit-mas…

Yes you can at Christmas with Slimming World.

Yoga mat

Yoga helps to improve balance and flexibility, strengthen muscles and reduce stress. Best of all, the only equipment you really need is a yoga mat to cushion your joints and support your grip. 

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Fitness tracker

Slip a fitness tracker on your Christmas list to keep tabs on your activity achievements. As well as considering what information it collects (many models can monitor your sleep, too), the best tracker for you is one that looks good and feels comfortable – that way, you’ll want to wear it every day.

Did you know…? You can connect your Fitbit and Apple Health to the Slimming World app to effortlessly keep track of your activity achievements.

Weighted hula hoop

Hula-hooping is good fun and an amazing aerobic workout. It also helps to tone your tummy, arms and bottom, and it doesn’t put any impact on your joints. Adult hoops come in different sizes, so you can choose one that suits your body shape. Slimming World member Rhianne loves a hula-hooping session, and it’s helping her to maintain her 6st weight loss!

Slimming World member Karen posing with a weighted hula hoop

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Aerobic step

These are brilliant for exercise – stepping up and down works your heart and lungs while toning your legs, and you can use them like gym equipment, too. Ask Santa for one that’s versatile, durable and easily portable and you’ll have the perfect bit of kit to use at home.

Slimming World member Alix says: “I did a 15-min HIIT step workout and it has got me in the fitness game again. Let’s get to my target weight for Christmas!”

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A bike

Cycling is a fantastic workout for your heart, lungs and big muscles – which helps to improve your overall health, reduce stress and increase energy levels.

There’s no need to spend a fortune on a new set of wheels, though. You can pick up a bargain by searching for second-hand bikes online. Slimming World member Amber did just that and she was delighted with her find.

Slimming World member Amber standing outside holding a bicycle

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From walking and running to gym workouts and exercise classes, a set of supportive trainers will see you through lots of activities. The type of shoe you need will depend on the activity you’re planning – runners will want a pair that supports heel-to-toe movement, while anyone planning an indoor workout will need a pair with plenty of grip, so you can easily move in all directions.

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A gym membership

Just as a Slimming World Countdown course boosts your commitment to your weight loss, a gym or leisure centre membership can work wonders for building your active habits. If going to the gym by yourself feels a bit daunting, gift a membership to a fitness friend, so that you can support each other.

Slimming World member Su in the gym

Sue never thought she’d enjoy going to the gym – and now she can’t imagine missing out on a fitness session.

She says: “I very nearly didn’t go to the gym again today. I even had my coat and scarf on and went to the loo near the exit at work.

I then looked at my watch and figured I had an hour to spare and would probably eat before weigh in if I went home. So I turned around and went to the gym to do weights and felt soooo much better for it 💪.”


You don’t have to want arms like Arnie to benefit from a set of weights. As well as toning you up and improving your body confidence, regular strength training helps to maintain our metabolic rate (how quickly we burn calories), which can support your weight loss!

Dumb-bells or kettlebells are perfect for beginners. They can be used in dozens of exercises and they require greater balance and control than a weights machine, so you’ll engage more muscles every time you use them. Zena’s weights set helps her keep working towards her activity goals when the gym is closed.

Zena's weights, skipping rope and exercise mat on her living room floor

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Slimming World activity videos

Slimming World members can access more than 90 on-demand activity videos through our website and app. Firmly rooted in Slimming World’s Body Magic activity programme, our videos have been carefully created to help people of all abilities and fitness levels discover the brilliant benefits of moving more. All the more reason to give yourself the gift of lifelong weight loss success this Christmas!

Step into Christmas with Slimming World - Join in the festive fun

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