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For many of us, one of the best things about lockdown lifting is catching up with friends we haven’t seen in far too long – and we all know there’s no better way to bring people together than with a feast of delicious food.

Slimming World’s Summer of Love is all about good food, friendship and fun, and we want to show you how easy it is to serve up a crowd-pleasing spread while keeping your weight loss on track. You’ll find so many Food Optimising recipes that are perfect for sharing on the exclusive member website and we’ve collected some of the most popular into this mouth-watering menu. 

So gather your favourite people, lay these tasty treats on the table and enjoy a banquet where everything is slimming-friendly…

Slimming World sharing recipes

Dirty fries

dirty fries-slimming world dirty fries recipe-slimming world blog

We’d get in quick if you want some of these crispy nacho-style spuds, loaded with shredded chicken, tangy tomatoes and gooey cheese. They probably won’t hang around for long!

TRY THE RECIPE: Dig into our dirty fries

Barbecue pulled pork

Texas barbecued pulled pork - Slimming World Blog

Slow-cooked pork that falls apart on your fork and is smothered in a smoky sauce? Yes, please!

TRY THE RECIPE: Let’s cook barbecue pulled pork

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Looking for more slow-cooker recipes? You’ll find a melt-in-the-mouth selection of low-and-slow sensations in Succulent slow-cooker recipes

Sweetcorn and chive fritters

sweetcorn and chive fritters on a blue plate-sharing recipes-slimming world blog

Make snacking exciting and swap those high Syn chips and dips for our lightly spiced Free fritters. 

TRY THE RECIPE: Take a bite of sweetcorn and chive fritters

Chicken fajitas

Sal's chicken fajitas - Slimming World Blog

For a relaxed, pick-and-mix-style supper, serve chef Sal’s leftover chicken fajitas and salsa with your favourite Food Optimising sides and toppings.

TRY THE RECIPE: Wrap up a Slimming World fajita

MORE FOR MEMBERS: There’s a host of Mexican-inspired recipes – including tacos, burritos and a veggie chilli bowl – on the exclusive member website and app

Pizza omelette

Pizza omelette-pizza omelette-slimming world blog

This lighter spin on a takeaway favourite delivers all the pizza flavours you love and – best of all – it’s Free on the Slimming World plan, so you and your guests can safely enjoy a slice or two without sabotaging your slimming.

TRY THE RECIPE: Serve up our pizza omelette

You’ll find 17 sizzling strategies for summer socialising – plus over 34 sun-soaked new recipes – in the latest issue of Slimming World Magazine. Find out how to bag your copy here.

Mini jacket potatoes

Mini jacket potatoes topped with chilli and sweetcorn salsa-sharing recipes

Let everyone choose their own toppings for these bite-size jackets.

TRY THE RECIPE: How will you top your mini spuds?

Spicy sweet potato wedges and dips

Sweet potatoes wedges, mango salsa and coriander dip-sharing recipes

Delicious dunked in the mango salsa or coriander dip, sweet potato wedges make a great healthy snack or side.

TRY THE RECIPE: Deeply dippy sweet potato wedges

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Whether you’re rustling up a roast or you fancy a fakeaway, we’ve got a delicious selection of on-plan accompaniments for you in All the trimmings

Slimming World brownies

Chocolate brownies on a plate-slimming world brownies-slimming world blog

Slimming-friendly chocolate brownies do exist! These squidgy sweet treats are packed with sticky dates, juicy raspberries and sweet potatoes (yes, really!).

TRY THE RECIPE: Bake a batch of Slimming World brownies

Slimming World school cake (with video)

Slimming World school cake

Tuck into a taste of childhood and grab a square of our sprinkles-covered school cake!

TRY THE RECIPE: Our school cake definitely makes the grade!

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Our online recipe collection is packed with slim-safe treats and puds to suit every occasion.

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