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Who’s taking part in Slimming World’s Summer of Love challenge? Our month of exciting goals and activities is all about sharing the fun, friendship and freedom you’ll find in our local groups, and it’s fantastic to see so many of you swapping recipes, getting active, planning mouth-watering menus and inspiring each other to slim through summer. To keep that loving feeling flowing, we’ve put together a quick run through of some of the extra-special ways our members have been filling up their calendars this August – how many challenges have you completed?

Day 1 challenge: Celebrate National Friendship Day

Joining Slimming World means surrounding yourself with the support of a highly trained Consultant and like-minded people who understand and share your goals. They’ll be by your side each week to inspire you and help you through any challenges that come your way, so it’s no surprise our members quickly become friends for life. Slimming World Consultant Abigail has made a bunch of new mates and recently gave them a shout-out on National Friends Day.

Abigail member compilation-Slimming World Summer of Love Challenge

She says: “Just some of the beautiful people I have in my life because I joined Slimming World as a member and then as a Consultant. So many to choose, I unfortunately can’t fit you all in but I’m so thankful.”

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Day 2 challenge: Walk with Slimming World

A brisk stroll is perfect Body Magic for people of all ages and fitness levels. It’s easy on the joints, you don’t need any gadgets or specialist equipment to get started and you can do it anywhere. You can even plug in your favourite tunes or, like Slimming World Consultant Sue, listen to the latest episode of the Slimming World podcast as you walk.

Sue and black labrador walking-Slimming World's summer of love challenge

Sue says: “It’s ‘pooch and podcast’ for me! I love listening to Anna and Clare, and this episode is all about healthy habits that keep you at target.”

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Fancy walking your way to fitness? Our handy how-to guide will help you take steps towards a healthier, happier you

Day 3 challenge: Eat the rainbow… starting with red

Did you know that eating a range of different coloured fruits and veggies can help to ensure you’re getting a great balance of vitamins and minerals? Even better, most fresh and frozen fruit and veg (when cooked without adding fat) are Free Foods – which means you can enjoy them freely with no weighing, measuring or counting. Fill your plate to the brim, like Slimming World Consultant Tace, who put together this vibrant bowl. Altogether now, red and orange and yellow and green…

Rainbow salad in white bowl-slimming world's summer of love challenge

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Day 4 challenge: Share your go-to Food Optimising dish

Spag bol, diet cola chicken, fajitas… Ooh, is your mouth watering yet? With more than 1,500 recipes on our exclusive member website and app – and that’s in addition to the delicious meal ideas you’ll find in Slimming World Magazine and our collection of recipe books – you’ll never be stuck for a slimming-friendly meal idea when you’re Food Optimising. Consultant Ann’s favourite dish is a home-made vegetarian kebab with Free chips and salad.

Slimming World kebab with chips and salad on white plate-slimming world's summer of love challenge

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Day 5 challenge: Kick-start your Body Magic journey – try something new

If you’d love to get more active, but aren’t sure where to start, Slimming World’s Body Magic is perfect for you! Our simple activity programme is designed to help you get moving more, one step at a time and in a way that fits in with your lifestyle. Slimming World Consultant Joanne gave herself a fitness boost by cycling around Gresley Wood in the National Forest with her son.

Woman wearing bike helmet-slimming world's summer of love challenge

MORE FOR MEMBERS: On the exclusive member website, we’ll help you to get active in any way you choose with our dedicated hub of Body Magic tips, ideas and workouts, including:

  • Support to help you work towards your Body Magic awards
  • Strategies to overcome psychological barriers to exercise
  • An online planner that allows you to track your activity
  • How-to activity guides and videos

Day 6 challenge: Do something that makes you feel good

It could be as simple as taking a little me-time with a bubble bath, meeting up with a friend for a cuppa or doing something for charity, like Mandy. She and her amazing members donated an incredible 59 bags of clothing they’d slimmed out of. Celebrating your weight loss success by giving back to the community is an excellent way to boost those positive vibes – and that can help you to make great food and activity choices all day long. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Slimming World member sitting on charity bags-slimming world's summer of love challenge

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