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Whether you’re a tireless TikTokker, really into Insta reels or you’ve got an interest in Pinterest, social media is a delicious digital hotbed of recipe inspiration. At Slimming World, we’re firm followers of those food-based ‘break the internet’ moments – and with flexible Food Optimising, you can try the things everyone’s talking about and still get a show-stopping result on the scales. What’s not to like? 👍

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Tortilla-style wrap – 3 ways

Sausage and bacon, feta and spinach, smoked salmon… These tasty wraps make a fantastic quick meal and they’re completely Free on the Slimming World plan. Our simple hack makes them easy to assemble, too.

It’s a wrap! Try the recipe

More for members: Quick lunch ideas is packed with easy midday meals – including trendy layered lunch jars!

Baked feta pasta

Dig into a filling dish that’s packed with tangy cheese and sweet, juicy tomatoes – it’s a ‘couldn’t be simpler’, stick-it-in-the-oven taste sensation!

Make a stir! Try the recipe

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Pesto eggs – 3 ways

Learn how to make easy-cheesy pesto cubes to add to our three egg-citing brunch recipes. Baked, fried or scrambled… how will you eat yours?

Let’s do brunch! Try the recipe

More for members: Elevate your eggs with the recipe ideas in this exclusive-to-members feature

Slimming World banana bread

It’s the back-to-basics recipe that got everyone baking! This slimming-friendly version is moist, delicious and smells amazing.

Go bananas! Try the recipe

More for members: If you love a loaf cake, serve up a slice of our fruity Weetabix sweet treat

Slimming World school cake

Tuck into a taste of childhood with a slice of this slim-safe sweet and sticky school cake – with sprinkles!

Ready for break? Try the recipe

More for members: Slimming World groups are full of ideas for tasty treats, and you’ll find more than 250 dessert recipes in the online recipe collection . Every day’s a delicious school day!

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