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Quark is something of a superhero among Slimming World members – and we’ve got loads of ideas for how to use it. Pop a pot into your shopping trolley this week and prepare to be amazed at the versatility of this magical milk-based product.

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What is quark? 

When members first join Slimming World, they realise that quark is mentioned quite a bit. Many members have never heard of it before, so we have the answer to ‘what is quark?’ ready and waiting!

Officially quark is a soft cheese, but we’d describe it as being somewhere between cream cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese. It’s usually smooth, silky and thick in consistency. Plain quark is high in protein, which makes it filling, yet it’s also typically fat-free. It’s a source of calcium, has no added salt or sugar, and is a Free Food – it’s hardly surprising that Slimming World members love it so much! 

Is quark suitable for vegetarians?

If you’re a vegetarian you’re likely to be wondering whether quark is something you can add to your shopping basket. Good news – unlike some other types of cheese, rennet (an animal product) isn’t used in the making of quark, so vegetarians don’t have to miss out. 

How long does quark last?

Fresh quark has a shelf life similar to cream or yogurt, so it’s better bought on an ‘as-and-when’ basis – rather than keeping a pot in the fridge ‘just in case’!

What is quark used for? 

One of the things that makes quark so amazing is its versatility. Plain, unflavoured quark can be used to add creaminess to both sweet and savoury recipes. It also comes in lots of different low Syn varieties, from vanilla to garlic and herb (not to be mixed up when you’re cooking!). You can whip it up like a mousse, spoon it over things, use it as a dip or spread… and that’s before we get to the huge collection of Slimming World-friendly quark recipes that are shared in Slimming World groups and on our member website. So the answer to ‘What is quark used for?’ is loads of things! Here are some examples…

Quark recipes: dinners 

Creamy garlic chicken

creamy garlic chicken-Slimming World

A comforting classic made extra creamy with a swirl of quark.

Mac ’n’ greens

Mac 'n' greens - Seasonal shopping list - Slimming World Blog

A vegan Free Food dish of macaroni with loads of lovely veg in a tasty white sauce.

Quark recipes: desserts 

Banoffee pie

Banoffee pie - Seasonal shopping list - Slimming World Blog

Lightened-up dreamy desserts do exist! The Slimming World banoffee pie recipe uses plain quark, toffee yogurt and fresh bananas to keep the Syns low and the sweet tooth satisfaction high.

Next-level fruit salad

What is quark? Fruit salad quark recipe. Slimming World blog.

Simply top your favourite chopped fruits with a dollop of quark for a dessert that’s super fresh and Syn free. Add a drop of vanilla essence or a sprinkling of cinnamon (or both!) to your quark for a sweet touch.

Hopefully we’ve answered the burning question ‘what is quark?’ and given you some great ideas for how to use this creamy, cheesy pot of fat-free versatility! Slimming World members will find more tasty ideas in 10 ways with quark on our exclusive member website.

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