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Free Food is the wonder ingredient at the heart of the Slimming World plan. You can eat it freely, until you’re satisfied, making Food Optimising completely hunger-proof. You never have to worry about weighing, measuring or counting Free Food either – making it a simple, super-convenient and easy-to-stick-to way to eat well. 

The best thing about Free Food, though, is that it includes many of the staples of a healthy diet, including lean meat, fish, eggs, pasta, potatoes, rice, beans, lentils, fruit and veg. This means it can be used to create thousands of different meals – from cooked breakfasts to fakeaway curries – helping you to enjoy an exciting, varied diet while still losing weight.

Unsurprisingly, our members absolutely love Free Food! Read on to discover five of the best-loved Slimming World Free Food recipes… 

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Crustless quiche


Packed with courgettes and red onions and with a spicy chilli punch, our colourful quiche makes a tasty lunch. It’s also gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians, so even more people can enjoy it. And because it’s freezable, you can make it in advance or save any leftovers for another day.

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Creamy garlic chicken


Simple yet seriously satisfying, this versatile winner of a chicken dinner is delicious with rice, pasta or potatoes (which are all Free, including Slimming World chips!).

TRY THE RECIPE: Stir things up

Best-ever bolognese


Pasta just like mamma used to make! The Italian classic pairs perfectly with spaghetti – something many of our members are surprised to find on the Free Food list! It can be frozen, too, so it’s perfect for batch cooking.

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Chilli con carne


You can cook this chunky, fiery chilli in just three easy steps. Served with rice or a jacket potato, it’s an ideal midweek meal.

TRY THE RECIPE: Let’s get spicy

Diet cola chicken


While it doesn’t sound like a combo that should work, our members agree that it totally does! With succulent chunks of chicken simmered in a slightly sweet sauce, our gluten-free, freezer-friendly taste sensation takes the top spot!

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