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free 7-day menu

Discover the power of Food Optimising with our 7-day weight loss meal plan. Bursting with filling Free Foods, this Slimming World sample menu will get your slimming off to an amazing start. Find out more about our flexible, no-hunger Food Optimising plan and sign up for your free, easy-to-follow menu below...

Food Optimising in 3 easy steps...

Free Food

By filling up on unlimited Free Foods, you'll naturally reduce your calorie intake for a great weight loss result. Choose from a huge range of foods, including lean meat and fish (or meat alternatives), fruit, veg, eggs, pasta, potatoes and rice.

Healthy Extras

Your measured daily Healthy Extra options – which include wholemeal bread, nuts, breakfast cereals, milk and cheese or dairy-free alternatives – provide a good balance of essential nutrients.


Nothing is off limits! Foods that are higher in calories and less filling – such as chocolate and alcohol – are counted as Syns and enjoyed in measured amounts to keep your slimming journey on track.