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It’s National Fitness Day today, which means it’s the perfect time to take the first step on your personal fitness journey.

At Slimming World, we’ve always understood how important exercise is for your health and wellbeing – and your long-term weight loss success. That’s why we created our unique Body Magic physical activity support programme, to help you get moving more in a way you enjoy and which fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

If you’d love to join in the fun on National Fitness Day, why not give one of these five ideas a go?

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Take on a challenge

These can be incredibly motivating and they’re a great stepping stone to activity if you’re at the start of your fitness campaign. You don’t need to aim to run miles or spend hours in the gym, either. Small goals like standing up more often during the day or walking a certain number of steps in a month will start to benefit your health.

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Workout at home

If you’re a Slimming World member, you have access to 90 activity videos which are specially designed to help everyone enjoy the benefits of regular activity. Choose from seated sessions, strength training, dance and cardio classes and balance-boosting exercises – everything’s covered!

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Take a walk  

Walking is one of the best ways to start moving more. It’s free, you can do it pretty much anywhere and it’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels. If you fancy some company while you stroll, Slimming World members can listen to a series of exclusive walking podcasts – packed with expert tips to help you march your way to better health and fitness.

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Focus on a new habit

If you’re new to activity, throwing yourself into a high-intensity exercise routine might put you off before you’ve had a chance to experience the full feel-good factor. With Body Magic, we encourage beginners to take small steps and to build your fitness gradually by starting with five active habits. You can choose from sitting still less, moving about more in your day-to-day life, adding cardio, building balance or getting stronger – and developing all five adds up to lifelong health and fitness.

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Sign up to a class

Organised fitness classes, events and team sports are brilliant for boosting your commitment, discovering new activities and meeting new people. As part of National Fitness Day, UKActive is hosting free exercise sessions across the UK and you can find an event near you here. Slimming World member Clare, shown in the main image above, enjoys a kickabout with her local football team to boost her movement.

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Build your fitter future with Slimming World

Become a member of your local group or our digital-only service, Slimming World Online, and you’ll get everything you need to increase your activity levels your way, including:

  • access to the Slimming World app and website – home to our activity tracker, exercise guides and podcasts
  • more than 60 workout videos (including seated ones) to suit all abilities, with sessions lasting from five to 30 minutes 
  • strategies to help you get started and make activity an enjoyable part of your daily routine
  • our unique FIT log, which is great for identifying and overcoming any personal barriers to fitness
  • motivating Body Magic awards to inspire you throughout your activity journey

Discover more about Slimming World’s Body Magic programme

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