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When the sun is shining and the heat is rising, frozen treats are the tastiest way to keep yourself cool and comfortable. For many of us, though, the tinkling of the ice-cream van or walking down the freezer aisle at the supermarket can put us in a slimming sticky spot!

☀️ Here’s how Slimming World can help you make slim-savvy summer choices:

🍦 Use your FREE Food Optimising guide to compare frozen treats at a glance 
🍨 Look up sweet summer snacks in seconds with the online Food Search tool
🍉 Get tasty tips and smart swap ideas in your Slimming World group
🍹 Dive into our online library for strategies to help you slim through summer
🍧 Fill your freezer with home-made ices from our tried-and-tested recipes

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Slimming World summer treats

Whether you’re kicking back in the garden or you want something to keep you cool on the go, these refreshing recipes give you the freedom to enjoy a taste of summer, without putting your weight loss on ice!

Classic vanilla ice cream

Slimming World vanilla ice cream

One scoop or two? Our creamy vanilla ice cream makes the ideal bowl buddy for plump, juicy strawberries or a fresh fruit salad.

Taste of tradition: Try our classic vanilla ice-cream recipe

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Kiwi and pineapple lollies

Slimming World kiwi and pineapple lollies

These four-ingredient, four-step lollies are fruity, fizzy and totally Free on the Food Optimising plan. 

Nice ’n’ icy: Try our kiwi and pineapple lollies recipe

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Peanut butter and cinnamon ice cream

Peanut butter and cinnamon ice cream-Slimming World blog

Are you nuts about peanut butter? Follow our step-by-step guide for an indulgent-tasting ice cream that won’t sabotage your slimming campaign. 

Sweet treat: Try our peanut butter and cinnamon ice-cream recipe

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Cherry lemonade lollies

Slimming World cherry and lemonade ice lollies

What could be better than a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer’s day? A frozen lemonade lolly with a fruity cherry surprise! These lovely ices take just five minutes to make and are fabulously Free.

Feeling fruity: Try our cherry lemonade lollies recipe

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Watermelon lollies

Slimming World watermelon lollies

If you’re searching for a super-healthy option, keeping a stash of watermelon slices in your freezer is a cool tip. Simply cut into slices, pop a stick through the rind and freeze overnight.

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Happy days recipe book Slimming World

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