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Maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging – especially if you’re learning how to food shop on a limited budget and fend for yourself in the kitchen. Throw in grab-and-go lunches between lectures, boozy nights out and takeaways in the taxi home, and it’s no wonder some students think losing weight and uni don’t mix. 

That’s where Slimming World can help! Our healthy eating plan is so generous and flexible, it can easily work alongside any lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re starting as a fresher or heading back for another year, these cheap, simple and tasty dinners will make you the envy of your flatmates – and help you make sure you graduate looking and feeling great!

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Slimming World student recipes

Ham and mushroom omelette

Ham and mushroom omelette with salad-recipes for students-slimming world blog

Super-simple and as filling as you want them to be, omelettes are a real Slimming World lifesaver. They’re quick to throw together when time’s short and brilliant for using up any leftovers lurking in the fridge. Try our tasty ham and mushroom version and serve it with a big helping of your favourite salad.

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Jacket potato with mixed beans and salad

Jacket potato with mixed beans and salad-student recipes-slimming world blog

The humble spud can be easily transformed into a satisfying Free meal – and there are so many options for toppings! Sweetcorn, chopped tomatoes, tuna (canned in spring water) and leftover chilli are all perfect potato partners. Or smother your fluffy baked jacket in that student essential, baked beans (and maybe some Healthy Extra ‘a’ grated cheese), for a super-comforting lunch or dinner.

Exclusive for members: Whether a sweet or good old white potato is your choice, we’ve got 10 tasty ways to top your jackets – plus quick baking tips

Tuna pasta bake

tuna pasta bake in baking tray-student recipes-slimming world blog

Our members are always surprised that they can eat pasta and still lose weight – yet it’s true! Pasta is one of the Free Foods you can enjoy to your heart’s content, without any need to weigh, measure or count. This budget-friendly tuna pasta bake is a doddle to make and you can keep the leftovers in your freezer for another easy-cheesy dinner when you’re short on time.

Exclusive for members: There are more than 200 pasta recipes on the member website and app – including our new chicken fajita pasta bake

Slimming World chips

Syn-free chips in bucket-time-saving side dishes-slimming world blog

Slimming World is a chip lover’s dream because you can enjoy unlimited Free potatoes on plan. Pair with eggs fried with a spritz of low-calorie cooking spray for an easy meal that’s (literally) cheap as chips!

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Dirty rice

Dirty rice in white bowl-student recipes-slimming world blog

Our scrummy Cajun-style rice dish is a brilliant low-cost meal because it works with whatever fresh, frozen or canned veg you’ve got to hand. If you don’t have black-eyed beans, any tin of beans in water or canned chickpeas will work just as well.

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7 weight loss tips for students

At Slimming World, we have a deep understanding of the psychology of slimming and our NHS-backed eating plan is based on more than 50 years of experience, expertise and science. If you’d like to slim through your studies, our top tips will help you develop healthier habits.

Eat smart. Base your meals around staples like fruit and veg, pasta, rice and potatoes – they won’t break the bank and you can eat them freely when you’re Food Optimising.

Shop savvy. Choose less expensive types of meat and poultry, like skinless chicken thighs and lean mince (5% fat or less), and frozen or canned veg instead of fresh.

Understand your emotions. Does exam stress or missing home make you reach for high Syn food? Keep low Syn options close to hand, ready for those occasions.

Get rid of guilt. If you have a big night out or go off track one day, don’t beat yourself up. We’re all human. Simply get back on it as soon as you can and have confidence that the weight will come off again.

Make swaps at the Student Union. Mixing spirits with diet drinks, topping up your beer with diet lemonade and alternating between alcohol and water are great ways to save a stack of Syns.

Get ready for a night out. Fill up first on one of the Food Optimising recipes below, so you’re less tempted by a takeaway later. If midnight munchies are a trigger for you, make sure you have an enticing meal to come home to.

Keep moving. Most unis and colleges have fantastic fitness facilities and sports teams – plus, walking to lectures and cycling around campus are great for improving your fitness.

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