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Being physically active can help to improve our mood and health and support long-term weight loss success. If you’re keen to get moving this month, our checklist has 25 different challenges to work through.

There’s no right or wrong way to complete it, as long as you remember to warm up, cool down and do what feels comfortable for your level of fitness. You can repeat, skip or adjust the challenges to suit you – if they inspire you to move more this January, then it’s a win!

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Body Magic Challenge Checklist

Set a goal

It’ll keep your motivation up throughout the month and it feels fantastic when that achievement is smashed!

Slimming World member Kerry walking on the beach

Slimming World member Kerry challenged herself to walk between two local beaches – a total of more than 12 miles – and was delighted to complete the trip last week.

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Have a New Year clean

The Christmas decorations have been put away and it’s the start of a brand-new year, so now’s a good time to get the house feeling fresh, too.

Vigorous cleaning definitely makes the heart beat faster, too, so it’s a brilliant Body Magic activity.

Find a fitness friend

Pairing up with an encouraging workout partner can really increase our incentive to exercise. Perhaps there’s a mate or family member who’d like to tackle our challenge, too?

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Enjoy a de-stress sesh

Yoga is a healthy way to release tension, so roll out your mat and follow a relaxing YouTube session!

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Discover a new favourite walk

Walking is one of the simplest (and best!) forms of exercise. It’s free, you don’t need any special kit and many of us can do it straight from our front door.

Complete the Slimming World circuits workout

Get physical with our simple at-home circuits class – no equipment required.

Start Couch to 5K

Many of our members love this programme, which takes you from walking to running in just nine weeks – although there’s nothing to stop you from repeating a week until you feel ready for the next stage.

Count your steps

Stairs are a great place to exercise, because walking up and down them blasts calories and tones your legs.

Set yourself a target number of steps to complete this January (it can be helpful to break it down by week/day/session) – then turn on the tunes and get climbing! 

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Go for a wet-weather wander

Sunshine is far from guaranteed in winter, but as the saying goes… there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Challenge yourself to brave the elements on a refreshing rainy march – just don’t forget your waterproofs!

Dust off your bike helmet

Cycling can improve your health, reduce stress and make you feel energised. If you have a bike, check out cycle routes near you and explore somewhere new on wheels.

Slimming World member Ann Marie cycling

Ann-Marie rides with a cycling club to keep herself motivated – and you can find one near you here.

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Sort your backyard 

Is your garden looking a little unloved? Just raking the fallen leaves and having a general tidy-up, like Naomi (@ginlovingslimmer), can make a big difference and will get your outdoor space ready for some proper springtime sprucing.


Get your game on

Did someone in your household get a new console for Christmas? There are lots of activity games and add-ons available for PlayStation, Xbox, Wii and Nintendo Switch, from dance-themed ones to fitness boxing and virtual circuits. You can even compete against your friends online.

Make the ad breaks count

You can fit a lot of sit-ups, squats or press-ups into three minutes! Or try star jumps, skipping or running on the spot for a quick cardio boost. 

Give NHS Stretch and Flex a go

This programme offers three sessions of equipment-free exercises a week for five weeks. There’s nothing to stop you from taking as long as you need, though, or from picking and choosing which videos you want to work out to.

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Have a kitchen disco

Even if it’s a party for one, cranking up the music and getting your groove on is a sure-fire way to raise spirits and heart rates!

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Explore a local park 

Spending time outdoors has been shown to improve our mental wellbeing, and nature reserves or local parks are excellent places to start. You can find somewhere new near you here.

Slimming World member Sara walking her dog across a frost-covered field

Discovering the wellbeing benefits of walking was a game-changer for Sara – and now she loves a frosty stroll with her dog.

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Do an online workout class

A quick Google search will throw up an almost endless number of free online exercise videos. There really is something for everyone, from chair-based workouts to hip hop-themed sessions.

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Build your strength 

Our gentle workout is suitable for beginners and will help improve your mobility, too. When you’re ready, you can combine it with the flexibility and balance routines.

Walk to the shop

Leave the car at home when you head out to pick up some milk. You’ll fit in some fitness and get a fresh air fix. Heavy shopping bags are fab for strengthening arms, as well!

Have some fun! 

Unleash your inner child by hula-hooping, trampolining or hopscotching.

Wash the car

Soaping, hoovering, waxing and polishing is fantastic for getting the blood pumping, plus you’ll have a shiny car to show for it.

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Play with the kids

If there are little ones at home, get them involved in a game of football, chase or catch. 

Kettle boil workout

Hold the plank position or a squat for the time it takes to make the tea (spoiler: it will feel like a lifetime!).

Move to music

If your motivation is waning, adding some tunes into the mix can give you a little extra oomph. Give yourself a goal to walk, run or exercise for a set number of songs.

Punch it out

Boxing is a popular full-body workout – and you can do it in your living room without any specialist equipment.

Alternate one minute of jabs, hooks and uppercuts with a minute of skipping (there’s no need to use a rope if you don’t have one), then rest and repeat as many times as you can.

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*If you’re planning to start a new exercise programme, we recommend you check with your GP first – especially if you have an existing health condition, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma. If you’re pregnant, check the suitability of the exercise with your midwife. 

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