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Press play to be welcomed into Anna Mangan and Clare Savory’s world of all things weight loss. Their lively chats cover every slimming subject you can think of – from boredom eating to body image – with plenty of laughs along the way.

You can listen to Anna and Clare and find out more about the Slimming World Podcast here. 

Even better, if you’re a Slimming World member, you can listen to exclusive episodes that are packed with genius ideas and great advice – all designed to max your motivation and have a real impact on your weight loss. 

Slimming World members can find exclusive podcasts here on the app and website. 

Latest episodes 

A step in the right direction

Anna and Clare celebrate your achievements from the summer steps challenge.

Exclusive for members: Sandwiches – the best thing since sliced bread

With bread or without? Plenty of tasty ideas here on how to shake up your sarnies using wraps, omelettes, mushrooms and more…

The power of journalling

Grab a notebook or your phone – Anna and Clare discuss how writing things down can give your weight loss a boost.

Exclusive for members: Healthy Extras know-how

Can you tell your Healthy Extra ‘a’s from your ‘b’s? The girls put their knowledge to the test with a classic Slimming World quiz!

If you’d like to listen to the exclusive member podcasts, you’ll find our latest joining offers here.   

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