Getting active is key

We often hear in the headlines that our activity levels have dropped significantly. In fact, seven in 10 men and eight in 10 women don’t achieve the government target of doing 150 minutes of physical activity each week. This is worrying because, like obesity, inactivity is linked to a string of health problems such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, and makes a difference to mental health, too. Plus, those people who are inactive are much more likely to struggle with their weight or to maintain any weight losses they do achieve.  

getting active

Slimming World’s Body Magic programme looks at increasing activity by making small changes. We understand that many people may be nervous about being active (and could have had bad experiences in the past). So we encourage members to recognise any type of activity they do (it could even be gardening or housework) and to start small and build up gradually – collecting awards as they go – until they reach that magic 150-minute target.  

So many of our members begin building activity into their lives for the very first time, discovering that they actually enjoy it – and reaping the benefits: better weight loss, a toned body and improved health. And our research shows that the majority of successful weight maintainers have made activity as much a part of their routine as healthy eating.

Target member Lisa Atkin, who lost 4st 7lbs over 10 years ago, can’t emphasise enough how important activity is in maintaining her weight loss:

‘One of the main reasons I’ve stayed slim is that I’m much more active. I love walking and find it’s a good stress reliever. The journey to and from work takes 15 minutes each way. And when I’m not in the classroom or doing star-jumps, races and hopscotch in the playground, I’m dashing to college.’

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