The obesity link to cancer

You might have noticed a new initiative from our charity partner Cancer Research UK (CRUK) this week. They’re aiming to increase awareness of the second biggest preventable form of cancer in the UK - obesity. They found that, despite its link to 18,000 cancer cases per year, only 15 percent of people in the UK are aware that being obese increases your risk of developing 13 different types of the disease, including bowel; kidney and breast cancer.

As well as encouraging people who are currently overweight to slim down, CRUK are targeting the 'millennials' - those born from early 1980s to the mid 1990s - 70 per cent of whom are predicted to be overweight by the age of 35-45. 

Professor Linda Bault, Cancer Research UK's prevention expert, says, 'While these statistics sound bleak, we can stop them becoming a reality. Millennials are known for following seemingly healthy food trends - but nothing beats a balanced diet.'

And that’s exactly what Slimming World provides. We base our plan around all of the elements people need to lead a healthy lifestyle – a balanced healthy eating plan which encourages people to fill up on fruit, vegetables, lean meat, fish, beans (and more!), a gentle introduction to activity, and the boundless support of like-minded slimmers at their Slimming World group. It really is genius in its simplicity – and what’s more, it works!
The important thing is that our health destinies aren’t necessarily already written. As a preventable cause of cancer, obesity is second only to smoking – so, by improving our lifestyle choices, we have the opportunity to make ourselves as healthy as possible. And our members are living proof that Slimming World is changing people's health within communities throughout the UK and Ireland. 

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