New support for target members at Slimming World

A recent survey of 4,774 of our target members has revealed that uncertainty about what to eat once they reach their target weight is the top reason they find it difficult to keep weight off in the long term. 

While more than half of respondents (59%) described losing weight as ‘very easy’ or ‘easy’, fewer than one in four (23%) said maintaining their new slim weight was ‘very easy’ or ‘easy’.

The great news is that our brand-new Slim for Life plan is designed to help target members adapt their diet to maintain weight rather than continue to lose.
Target members have the option of three routes depending on their rate of weight loss, and they’re also introduced to the concept of Savvy Syns. These are foods and drinks that are a healthier or safer choice than other high-calorie and high-fat options, because they provide beneficial nutrients and are less likely to catapult people back into the habits that caused them to gain weight. Members are encouraged and supported to make their own personal choices and adopt a more flexible approach once they’ve achieved their personal target weight, which they set themselves.

slim for life

Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos says: ‘It’s important to recognise that losing weight is only the start of a new healthy lifestyle and that maintaining weight loss can bring a new set of challenges.’ 

The new Slim for Life plan enables members to identify their personal challenges and to tailor a maintenance plan that works perfectly for their individual needs and can be adapted for different times and circumstances. Our aim has always been to support members to lose weight and achieve sustainable healthy habits that work in the long term. This new initiative will significantly help us to support members lead healthier and happier lives, for life.
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