Sharing recipes helped us slim

Sharing recipes helped us slim

53-year-old Heather Gibson and her daughter Rachel, who’s 24, have lost more than 6st* between them. Here are some of the dishes they enjoyed cooking together along the way…

Heather says: “It had become a bit of a routine – I’d go on about how fed up I was with my weight, and my husband, Mark, and daughters, Emma and Rachel, would tell me not to worry and that I was absolutely fine. 

It had got to the stage where I hadn’t gone out for a year because the only clothes that had fitted were leggings and baggy tops. I couldn’t bear to go shopping and try on outfits surrounded by all those dressing-room mirrors.

“One day I was on a break at the clinic where I work as a nurse, and my colleague suggested Slimming World. It was a light-bulb moment. Walking into group, I was surrounded by people that were full of great ideas and encouragement.

I started trying new recipes. I realised if Mark and I fancied steak and chips one evening, I could Food Optimise it by cooking lean steak with Slimming World chips and lots of veg.

“I cook big family meals of pasta and noodles with plenty of veg and then during the week, I swap my regular desert of fresh fruit for a low-Syn banoffee cheesecake. We just love how diverse the plan is!

“My daughter Rachel had recently had a baby and wanted to lose some weight, so I suggested she come along to my group. It worked out well for both of us – having extra support and sharing food ideas.

“I’m 5st lighter now and I’ve gone from wearing the second biggest-size scrubs at work to the smallest ones. Eating satisfying, healthy meals has made me slim, happy and confident – and there’s no way I’m giving that up!”

Rachel says: “I could see a real difference in Mum. She wasn’t just slimmer, she was happier too. I hadn’t been able to shift the pounds after having my little boy, Harrison. None of my clothes fitted anymore and my heart sank if I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

“I was so nervous about going to group even with Mum by my side, so I was relieved to find that everyone was really friendly. After listening to the new-member talk, I realised I’d be able to follow Food Optimising – there was so much I could eat! Most of the recipes, like quiche and pad thai were quick and simple to make, and it turned out I could bring Harrison along to the group with me – in fact, babies and buggies were more than welcome!.

“Mum and I soon got into the habit of sharing recipes and texting each other about what we’ve had for tea. It’s been lovely to have her support. I feel so much better now I’m at target – I’m more confident in myself and I’m so pleased Mum inspired me to change my lifestyle.”

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

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