“I can eat myself thin!”

“I can eat myself thin!”

Years of yo-yo dieting had left Jess Powell from Swindon uncomfortable with her size and unhappy in herself. Then she said hello to a new, healthier way of eating and waved goodbye to 2st 5lbs.*

“Being asked publicly if I'd put on weight was pretty mortifying. I was having lunch with my boyfriend's family and his nan commented on my size; I ran straight upstairs and had a little cry. Before that moment I'd been in denial about my weight gain.

“I'd struggled with my weight since I was 12 and always felt uncomfortable in my own skin. After an endless stream of failed fad diets, I developed an all-or-nothing relationship with food. I'd indulge at the weekend by drinking too much and having takeaways. Then during the week I'd go into damage-control mode and would skip breakfast and only eat salad.

“My head said I was a size 12, but my wardrobe told a different story, and in the shops I'd walk away from an outfit I loved rather than buy a bigger size. Friends from work had been having great success with Slimming World, so I began dabbling with the Extra Easy plan at home.

A warm Slimming World welcome

“There's always a ‘reason’ to put off losing weight – I had a holiday booked for February this year and almost delayed starting Slimming World until after that. I'm so glad I just went for it instead. As soon as I walked through the door, the atmosphere was amazing. The group was larger than I'd expected and really friendly. I thought it might be a bit miserable with people sitting around talking about how unhappy they were. I was so wrong!

I'm a vegetarian and in the past I've had problems finding a diet that suits my meat-free lifestyle. With Extra Easy, I can still have my favourite meals – they've just had a few simple tweaks to make them meat-free and healthier.

“On Monday, I do the weekly shop for all the ingredients to make delicious pasta bakes, spicy stir-fries and omelettes with Slimming World chips. I always stock up on fresh fruit, which I eat with fat-free natural yogurt for breakfast. I also buy everything I need for huge, tasty lunchtime salads made with couscous, Quorn and lots of veg.

“I lost 2lbs in my first week, then settled into a steady 1-2lb loss most of the time. Although there were a few occasions when I gained or maintained, I could always work out why by looking back through my Food Diary or talking to my fab Consultant, Paula.

First class support

“Any time I hit a tough spot, another member who had faced a similar hurdle would share how they overcame it. That's why IMAGE Therapy is so inspiring. Even now I'm at target, the support never stops. Between meetings, we chat and swap recipes on Facebook.

“My goal was to lose 2st and reach target by my birthday in July; I did it with five weeks to spare.

“I used to think I could never be slim, but that it didn't matter because I was living life to the full. I was wrong. The past few months have helped me to re-evaluate my relationship with food. Slimming World has shown me that I can love what I'm eating, that I can enjoy new tastes and experiences, that I can have a busy, enjoyable social life – and I can still lose weight and feel amazing. These days, when people comment about my size, it's just to say how lovely I look!“


*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose.

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

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