Kate feels great

I joined my local Slimming World group to get my pre-baby body back after gaining 4st while pregnant with my daughter. I wanted to be at target by the summer so I’d feel comfortable in my clothes. I gave myself one year to lose my baby weight; after all, it took me that to gain it!

I set myself four mini-targets of one stone at a time – it looked more achievable that way. I joined Slimming World just 18 weeks ago and I’m over half way to achieving my 4st target. Week by week, I start to see the old me returning and my confidence lifting! There’s light at the end of the tunnel, so goodbye frumpy mummy, hello yummy mummy!

I stay to Image Therapy each week and I’ve made so many friends in group – we all support and inspire each other. I take my baby each week and they all make a fuss of her! I’ve made really good friends with another new mum who gained the same amount of weight as me, and there are only a few weeks between our babies! 

Thank you Slimming World for being there! 

Kate Harrison

At Slimming World we offer a fantastic support network and Image Therapy is a unique part of the group experience. Warmth, friendship, laughter, sharing ideas, recipes, inspirational stories – find out more here.



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