‘I got to be a picture-perfect bride'

‘I got to be a picture-perfect bride'

Laura Williams from Longlevens, Gloucester, has lost a phenomenal 4st 5lbs with Slimming World to wear her dream wedding dress. Now a happy mum-of-one and target member, Laura shares her story here...

"One of the first things I did when Andy and I got engaged in April was join Slimming World. Although Andy didn’t mind whether I walked up the aisle in a size 10 or a size 20 dress, I’d always dreamt of being a fairytale bride in a beautiful, fitted gown. The thought of feeling unattractive and overweight on the happiest day of my life, or embarrassed about the way I looked in the photos, made me determined to tackle my lifelong weight problem for good.

"In the past, any pounds I lost as a result of faddy diets had always piled straight back on again as soon as I inevitably reverted to my usual high-fat, high-sugar routine. Slimming World was different – it was about permanent lifestyle change, not temporary measures. With a few tweaks to ingredients, I found I could eat real meals like bacon sandwiches, porridge, pasta and curry, and still lose a pound or two a week.

"There were a few easy changes to my daily routine, too. I started taking a packed lunch of pasta salad to work so I wouldn’t be forced to buy high-Syn lunches like sandwiches smothered in butter and mayo, and I made sure I had lots of filling veg with every meal. By Christmas 2009, I was down to just over 11st and had begun exercising in a gym – something I’d never expected to have the confidence to do! When I reached my target weight in February 2011, I felt so proud.

Buying my wedding dress was such a wonderful experience. I chose a gorgeous size 8-10 designer gown with a fitted fishtail skirt and, when I appeared at the church, I could hear the gasps from some members of my family who hadn’t seen me since I lost weight. The photos looked lovely, too!

"More than two years later, I’m still a target member, even though there are now three of us. Our little boy Harry was born in August 2012. With my midwife’s consent, I stayed at group until I was five months pregnant, then decided to take a break. When I returned nine months later, I was already back in target range.

"Eating the Slimming World way just feels natural to me now. When I meet new members at our group, I tell them I can barely remember what it felt like to be overweight. My wedding was the incentive to lose weight and, just like a happy marriage, I hope my healthy new habits will last forever."

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

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