I lost over 6 stone* and repaired my relationship

I lost over 6 stone* and repaired my relationship

33-year-old Lee Arnold from Kent gained weight once his career took a turn. After giving up his sporting hobbies, Lee was at rock bottom before joining his local Slimming World group and losing a super 6st 2lbs*! Here he explains how losing weight has changed his life and repaired his relationship.

“When I met my fiancée Amy, I was a carefree and outgoing guy who had bags of energy. I enjoyed my manual job as a scaffolder. I had plenty of time to play football, ride my bike and run in the evenings. When we had George (now 4) things were fantastic. However, I was promoted to an office job and that was when it all started going downhill.

“Working long hours and waking up at 4.30am took its toll and my after-work hobbies dropped off, along with my social life. My bad eating habits were increasing my weight tenfold and before I knew it, my confidence was so low, I didn’t even want to socialise with my own fiancée! My depression was at an all-time high and at 20 stone, so was my weight.

“During a visit to the doctor, he explained that I wouldn’t live much longer if I didn’t make a change. This frightening news really brought my problem home. I realised that I wasn’t being the father that I wanted to be for my son.

Making the break

“Amy had been to Slimming World before and suggested I attended group. I was sure it was just for women! How wrong I was. My Consultant, Suzy, sat me down and explained Food Optimising, and I couldn’t believe how adaptable it was.

“I’ve always had a huge appetite and I was used to having mountains of food. However, after joining Slimming World I realised I didn’t need to cut down my portions and I still ate plates of spag bol, steak and chips, lasagne and it was all Free! My family even got involved in the process – they’d regularly come over for dinner and my mother-in-law and her sister even joined group with me.

“My Consultant was so supportive throughout my whole journey. She sent me little reminder texts which kept me on track, and due to my competitive nature, I was eager to get the certificates at each half a stone lost. I loved it so much that I convinced five friends to join group and they now feel fantastic too!

Fit for the future

“Once I felt comfortable, I began to embrace exercise again. I started off small but I’m at target, I’ve completed a high-intensity 60-day challenge, I play squash once a week and I can run 10k in 35 minutes, which I’d never have dreamed of doing before.

“Slimming World hasn’t just improved my physical health – it’s also contributed to my mental health. I’m back doing a manual job so I can spend more time with my family and now Amy and I are closer than ever (we’ve just had our second baby as a result of that!). George now tells his friends that he wants to be strong like Daddy when he grows up and to know that your son is proud of you, is the best feeling in the world.”


*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

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