Student Megan ditches the takeaways!

Student Megan ditches the takeaways!

When Megan Jankowski, 23, from Midlothian, was asked to be bridesmaid at her brother's wedding, it spurred her into joining Slimming World. She walked down the aisle over 2st lighter, and shares just what a difference it's made to her busy life... 

"My heart sank when my brother Clarke asked me to be a bridesmaid. I so wanted to do it, but I was desperately lacking in confidence, I didn’t feel I could be a bridesmaid he and his fiancée Lauren would be proud of. If I was going to walk down the aisle feeling comfortable next to the two other (slim and lovely) bridesmaids, something had to change.

"University life in Stirling had taken its toll on my waistline. When I’d started my biology degree I’d been outgoing and chatty – now I was reserved and unhappy. I spent most of my time on my own, comfort eating, and would sleep for hours just as a way of getting through each day.

"My mum is a Slimming World member and suggested I give group a try. Liese, my Consultant, is fantastic – full of encouragement and always on the end of the phone if I’m ever feeling down or struggling to stick to the plan.

Everyone in my group is so supportive. We have our own Facebook page where we share recipes and helpful ideas and tips for staying in control.

"My biggest downfall is my love of Chinese takeaways, so I started making my own Food Optimising versions instead using Slimming World cookbooks. I found I didn’t miss the real thing at all. My low-Syn chow mein is legendary!

"As the pounds dropped off, people began noticing, and the more compliments I got, the better I felt. As well as buying lots of lovely new clothes, I spent more time on my hair and make-up, and generally started taking better care of myself. By the time Clarke and Lauren got married, I was a size 10. I’ve never felt so happy and proud as I did when I followed them down the aisle in my beautiful bridesmaid’s dress.

"Having completed my biology degree, I’m back at university studying something I really love – and this time I know I won’t be increasing in size. Food Optimising has completely changed my approach to food – I tell everyone I meet how amazing it is! Two stones may not sound like much to lose, but it’s made a massive difference to me." 

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

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