Steve’s triumph

Steve’s triumph

Steve, 52, is a global data networking specialist for a telephone company. He lives in South Croydon, Surrey, with his wife Angela, also a Slimming World member. He's 6ft 3ins and lost 5st 3½lbs* in 2013.  

“When I was 18, I was stick thin. Then I got to 20, started going to pubs with my mates and discovered beer and kebabs. Slowly I started getting bigger.

"Basically I loved my food – kebabs, greasy burgers, Chinese, you name it – and could easily eat a packet of biscuits in one go. My waist size went up and up until, by my mid-forties, it got to 38ins.

"I’d loved classic motorcycles since I was a teenager but I’d found that I was going out on them less and less often. Because of my weight, I worried I’d come off going round corners and I hated squeezing into my XL bike jacket and trousers.

"I started thinking about my health a lot more. I’d heard about men like me suddenly dropping dead of a heart attack. If I had to run upstairs I’d be panting, plus I had trouble with my right knee.

My wife Angela had a friend up the road whose husband had lost weight with Slimming World, so that encouraged me to go. And Angela came with me.

"I was very surprised when I realised just how much I could eat. Having watched my mum dieting years ago and living on salad, chicken and rye bread, I was amazed to find I could eat rice, potatoes, steak, bacon, eggs – and still lose weight. Who’d have thought you could have a healthy fry-up or BBQ pulled pork and enjoy the odd pint down the pub?

"In my first week I lost 7½lbs. Nothing felt better than jumping on the scales and seeing the numbers go down so much. I won nine Slimmer of the Week awards along the way. 

"Life has improved a lot. It feels great to have so much energy and not get out of breath. And I love being able to zip up my new jacket and 32ins waist trousers and head out on my beloved vintage bikes every weekend – they go faster now they’re carrying a lighter load.”

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*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

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